[Article] 170622 [32nd Anniversary Special Interview ①] BTS "We can't achieve many things without ARMY"

Youth (靑春) means green springtime of all creation, BTS is exactly the most glorious youths of the present age. 

2017 of the seven member boy group BTS (Rap Monster, Suga, J Hope, Jungkook, Jin, V, Jungkook) who celebrated their 4th anniversary is hotter than anyone. Even in the survey we prepared to celebrate the 32nd anniversary of Sports Seoul. BTS was definitely chosen as the best KPOP team and they boldly put their name at No.3 after SM CEO Lee Sooman and YG CEO Yang Hyunseok in the "Powerful People who move the KPOP industry" ranking.

BTS who talks about "youth" with their own language and music isn't just loved by Koreans. In the changing media environment, the group has constantly communicated via SNS ever since their debut and while expanding their territory to the world they won the "Top Social Artist" award at the 2017 Billboard Music Awards, and, they marked a new era in KPOP and of course in Korea music industry.

BTS is currently busy with their second world tour concert, "WINGS TOUR" and their growth is present progressive. They are writing the new KPOP history and BTS is preparing for another soar. They revealed their honest stories to Sports News that is celebrating the 32nd Anniversary. 

- You're currently continuing the WINGS Tour after winning the award at the Billboard Music Awards. What are your thoughts and feelings?

Suga - Every day feels like a dream. We're busy and hectic but we're happy.
Jimin - I still can't believe that we won at the Billboard Music Awards. All I can think about is how grateful we are to our fans who support us and many others. I wish we could grow more as much as they support us.

- Are there any changes or new things happening after the winning?

J Hope - Hm... I think the modifier attached before our name has changed (laughs) Many people around us call us "Singer who won the Billboard award" (laughs)
Jungkook - It feels like the stage we're performing has become bigger so I have more worries and I feel more pressure.

- Are you able to feel your hot popularity in the overseas?

V - We get to meet a lot of fans around the world while we're on a world tour and when we're on stage, I am able to feel "our fans really like us a lot". And I feel so proud and grateful when the tour tickets get sold out.
Rap Monster - Gratefully, I'm able to feel it now. I was really surprised especially when we were at this year's "Billboard Music Awards". We're very grateful to fans around the world who send us love that must not be simple.

- Your encounter with various artists at the Billboard Music Awards received a lot of attention

V - The Chainsmokers was an artist I always liked and I was so happy to be able to speak with them directly.
Jungkook - I can't choose a specific artist because everything was memorable.
Suga - Meeting the Chainsmokers was memorable. I think it would be fun to work with them.

- Please tell us if you would like to work together with any Korean or foreign artists.

J Hope - I would love to work with anyone at any time if we can create good music together.
V - Drake
Jungkook - Justin Bieber, Charlie Puth, Troye Sivan
Rap Monster- Younha noona, senior Lee Sora, Tablo hyung are still my bests. These days, I think Ahn Jiyoung from Bolbbalgan4 is very cool too. It would be a great honor if I could work with Drake or Nas among foreign artists someday. 
Suga - I want to work with various artists. They don't have to be musicians because I would like to work with them in different ways.
Jin - Sandeul
Jimin - I still want to work harder with my members for now.

- You have always revealed your affection for ARMY at the BBMA and other awards ceremonies

V - ARMYs are very precious and we're always grateful. Most of all, it's because we truly love them.
Jin - It's because ARMY is the people who made us who we are today. I still believe that even now, we can't achieve many things without ARMY.

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1.  BTS always never forgets to mention their fans! I'm always grateful as your fan! +674 -13

2. they even speak so prettily ㅠㅠ I hope you guys continue to do music you like as much as you guys want to!! +536 -11

3. BTS ca...caepjjang!! ^^ +488 -9

4. I'm grateful because you are BTS and I'm happy to be your fan +466 -9

5. BTS is so cool. I'm happy to be an ARMY! +439 -9

6. I'm always grateful because BTS knows what should always come first and they know what's truly important. You always put music and fans first despite your young age and this will keep you guys soaring for a longer period. It can get tiring too but stay strong! +96 -1

7. My happiness keeps increasing because I have BTS. I really, really love our BTS a looooot♥ +93 -1

8. BTS's love for their fans is worldwide! We will always walk with you! Love you and purple you +90 -1

9. I adore them because they know the importance of awards they win, chart ranking, number of views and how much effort their fans put and you can realize this by watching their V App and acceptance speeches +87 -1

10. I won't be able to feel this happiness without BTS +86 -1

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