[Article] 170622 [32nd Anniversary Special Interviews ③] BTS "We will exceed your expectation"

Youth (靑春) means green springtime of all creation, BTS is exactly the most glorious youths of the present age. 

2017 of the seven member boy group BTS (Rap Monster, Suga, J Hope, Jungkook, Jin, V, Jungkook) who celebrated their 4th anniversary is hotter than anyone. Even in the survey we prepared to celebrate the 32nd anniversary of Sports Seoul. BTS was definitely chosen as the best KPOP team and they boldly put their name at No.3 after SM CEO Lee Sooman and YG CEO Yang Hyunseok in the "Powerful People who move the KPOP industry" ranking.

BTS who talks about "youth" with their own language and music isn't just loved by Koreans. In the changing media environment, the group has constantly communicated via SNS ever since their debut and while expanding their territory to the world they won the "Top Social Artist" award at the 2017 Billboard Music Awards, and, they marked a new era in KPOP and of course in Korea music industry.

BTS is currently busy with their second world tour concert, "WINGS TOUR" and their growth is present progressive. They are writing the new KPOP history and BTS who is preparing for another soar is now a role model to other singers.

- You have been running without any break for the last 4 years and you've grown without a hitch.

J Hope - I really think we slowly climbed a step at a time. The support sent by ARMYs really gave us strength.
V - I think we were able to create many memories together so that makes me very happy.
Jin - I think we have been running without any break. I'm so happy to be able to run with the members while holding hands together without any trouble. I hope we can hold hands and continue to go forward together.

- What do you think is the charm unique to BTS and secret to your success?

V - I think our teamwork played an important role.
Jungkook - I think the best secret is that we stick together and work hard
Jin - I think it might be that people feel some kind of happiness by watching us. I thought that the fans enjoy and are happy to watch the kids they support playing together and showing cool performances on stage.

- You are evaluated as the most optimized group in the SNS generation by repeatedly showing standard growth

J Hope - Even I think our group made great use of the generation we live in. We also actively used SNS and I think our company played an important role in making this possible.
Suga - I'm very grateful that you used the expression "standard growth". I believe that we just did what we like and enjoy doing. I'm grateful to the great love we receive.
Jimin - I completely agree. We were able to communicate a lot with our fans thanks to SNS and I think our fans understood us and supported us more sincerely.

- You emphasized your pride as Korean artist rather than advancing to the US during the press conference in Korea.

Rap Monster - We thought that officially advancing in the US isn't the right step for us at this moment. We reached here by singing and rapping in Korean so that's what we want to continue doing.

- You expressed your determination to enter the Billboard Hot 100 and perform at the Billboard Music Awards.

Jimin - I believe it's one of the many goals we have.
Rap Monster -That's right. "Hot 100" or performing at the BBMA is not something we just want to accomplish and it's not something we can achieve by working hard. I believe that it's a possible wish we can achieve someday.
J Hope - (besides this) we want to become singers who receive attention from around the world and I think Billboard stage would be that very first stage.
Jungkook - I believe that results will follow how much effort we put in so I don't want to restrict myself to one specific goal.

- You have suggested direction as the next generation Hallyu and KPOP artist.

Suga - That's an overpraise. I believe we still have a long way to go and we will continue to do our best.
Rap Monster  - We didn't work to receive good evaluations but eventually, if we're praised like so by others, that is a great honor as an artist.
Jin - I'm grateful to many seniors who opened this road for us. We hope we can open many opportunities for our juniors.

- Many Korean fans are waiting for your comeback.

Rap Monster - We are preparing for it. We will try to show your something that will exceed your expectation.
Suga - We will surely comeback with better and cooler music so please look forward.

- Lastly, please congratulate Sports Seoul for their 32nd anniversary

J Hope - I sincerely congratulate Sports Seoul's 32nd anniversary!! Please stay with us always!! 
V - Please continue to provide us with lots of great news!
Jungkook - Sports Seoul is 11 years older than me! Please continue to have a long life!!
Rap Monster  - Sports Seoul! It's a very familiar name I've been hearing since I was younger. 32nd anniversary is longer than 10000 days and it's way older than me! I sincerely congratulate you and thank you for interviewing us in this meaningful space!
Suga - Even BTS will become a team who will stay together for 32 years.
Jin - Even I'm 26 but it's older than me. "Sports Seoul hyungnim", please continue to bring us great news and give us lots of love. Please be happy always and I will cheer for you to be filled with good events.
Jimin - I sincerely thank the readers. Sports Seoul and BTS will work hard.

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1. When you look at BTS, they're currently at an unapproachable place but they have so many songs that feel like they're always singing beside us while holding our hands. They sometimes hold our hands to tell us it's okay, they also hold our hands to fight and run with them... and they sometimes hold our hands again to thank us for following them..  they're not like other idols who stay at a higher place as our idols and sing to us. They still hold our hands from the same place and sing for us and I really like this +329 -0

2. This is why I can't help respecting them. Age doesn't matter +238 -0

3. Seriously I'm really looking forward to BTS's comeback and ARMYs, you know that you really have to stream their music and videos if they comeback, right? ㅎㅎ let's try to hit 100 million views faster when they release a new mv♡♡ and BTS can still fly higher so fighting to BTS too!! +210 -0

4. BTS ♡ I watch them with a pleasant mind just like what Jin-nim said♡ I'll be always cheering you♡♡ +196 -0

5. BTS is a group that makes me so happy by watching them♥ I hope you will continue to do music you want and fly higherㅎㅎ +194 -0

6. ah ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ they're so witty at the end. I really like them. I hope to stay together with BTS for a long, long time ㅠ I'll be looking forward to the comeback and waiting for it❣ +45 -0

7. It must be (awesome) since Namjoon said so!! I will clutch my heart and wait for the comeback from now. Bang PD-nim, please allow the kids to rest well when they come to Korea! and Eppis~ let's stream hard while our BTS is performing passionately at the concerts. It's nothing very hard, isn't it? So please stream *_* Digitial score is really important. You can mute Melon to stream so please please do that, okay? let's join forces and fighting ^____^ +43 -0

8. this is the first idol that makes me happy just by looking at them. The teamwork of this 7 members is especially amazing  +43 -0

9. I've always looked forward and BTS always exceeded my expectation! they are a group that is talented + sincere + passionate, so how could you not love them? +41 -0

10. I'd be happy if they release an album in October but... ARMY is always pleased to watch members caring each other and relying on each other~~ ❣❣ +41 -0 

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