[Article] 170622 [32nd Anniversary Special Interview ②] What are the charms of each member chosen by BTS members themselves?

Youth (靑春) means green springtime of all creation, BTS is exactly the most glorious youths of the present age. 

2017 of the seven member boy group BTS (Rap Monster, Suga, J Hope, Jungkook, Jin, V, Jungkook) who celebrated their 4th anniversary is hotter than anyone. Even in the survey we prepared to celebrate the 32nd anniversary of Sports Seoul. BTS was definitely chosen as the best KPOP team and they boldly put their name at No.3 after SM CEO Lee Sooman and YG CEO Yang Hyunseok in the "Powerful People who move the KPOP industry" ranking.

BTS who talks about "youth" with their own language and music isn't just loved by Koreans. In the changing media environment, the group has constantly communicated via SNS ever since their debut and while expanding their territory to the world they won the "Top Social Artist" award at the 2017 Billboard Music Awards, and, they marked a new era in KPOP and of course in Korea music industry.

BTS is currently busy with their second world tour concert, "WINGS TOUR" and their growth is present progressive. They are writing the new KPOP history and BTS is preparing for another soar.  What could be the charming points selected by BTS members themselves?


He knows his own charms (Jungkook)
Born to be idol (Rap Monster)
His charm on stage (Suga)
4D (Jimin)
Sleeps deeply (Jin) 
I'm proud of his gifted talent. His face is really good looking too. Sometimes you can't tell where he'd bounce off to but I think that's also one of his charms (J Hope)

J Hope

He's the ultimate jjangjjangman who is great in everything he does (V)
Dance and his energy (Rap Monster)
Outstanding dancing skill (Suga)
Bright and faithful (Jimin)
He falls asleep in 10 seconds after lying down (Jin)
He dances well, his rap is unique in color and he's a positive person (Jungkook)


Cool guy who is talented in everything (V)
All arounder (Rap Monster)
Man of many abilities (Suga, Jimin)
He has a good sense of smell (Jin)
He is the youngest but he is good in everything and he is humble. I really like Jungkook's "my way". (T/N: doing things in his own way without minding what others think) (J Hope)

Rap Monster

He has perfect language ability and his leadership is perfect too. I'm proud of the person he is. (J Hope)
Our leader guy who guided our team to where we are today and gave us strength (V)
He is talented in many aspects except things that require his body (Jungkook)
His musical talent (Suga)
Leadership heodang (T/N: person who has good looks and seems like a perfect person but who is also unexpectedly clumsy) 
He likes cute characters (Jin)


He is a genius guy who deserves to be called "genius" because he walks like insane in his work room every day (V)
He's cynical but cute (Rap Monster)
He is a genius (Jungkook)
He has fused with the bed (Suga) (T/NL It says Suga but Jimin's answer is missing BUT this is also similar to what Jin wrote in "Introducing BTS" for Festa 2017.... so I think Jin and Jimin's answers could have also been mixed up??)
Tsundere (Jin)
Suga gives me great strength music-wise. If we didn't have him, I think BTS's music core could have crumbled. (J Hope)


He has broad shoulders, he is nice and he constantly works hard for what he has to do (Jungkook)
He is the worldwide handsome guy who makes others happy (V)
He's face is approved by the world! And he doesn't try to the boss just because he's the oldest (J Hope)
Handsome face (Suga)
Handsome face and his easygoing personality (Rap Monster)
The unknown charm that attracts you (Jimin)


His charm on stage (Suga)
Jimin looks like he is naturally talented but he is a squishy dough/mochi like guy who works hard every day to show a great performance. (V)
I like watching him working hard (Jungkook)
The gap of sexy and mochi (Rap Monster)
He is bad at games (Jin)
Jimin is sexy on stage and he looks cool even to the members  (J Hope)

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Response +598 

1. All 7 member of BTS are nice, sincere and they are considerate of each other- I think their solid teamwork is the biggest charm +372 -1

2. They're all charming ㅎㅎ and I really like their synergy. that's BTS's charm chosen by ARMYs +319 -1

3. I'm just thankful for the fact that they continue to work hard +294 -1

4. ahahaha these balls of charm who are so cheerful and nice +277 -1

5. the charms of each member are dope... gap of mochi and sexy ㅋㅋㅋ +267 -4

6. sometimes I envy them for having brothers like that when they didn't even share blood... +79 -0

7. most of us like all seven members without a bias or like all members even when we have a bias... I like all of them♥ +79 -0

8. BTS knows each other very well and they respect each other... in a previous interview they said they respect the members... this is the quantity of their teamwork and effort +81 -1

9. the members know each other very well ㅎㅎ cute~ ㅎㅎ +70 -0

10. they're all so charming +69 -0

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