[Article] 170624 [Interview③] Jang Moonbok "Best friend BTS V is whimsy but he's a caring friend"

Jang Moonbok is also famous for being best friends with group BTS V. When we asked him if V had supported him during his appearance in "Produce 101 Season 2" he revealed that V had contacted and told him, "I hope you do well".

"I think this was when V was on their overseas tour. It seemed like he heard that I would be performing "Boy in Luv" as my first evaluation stage. He told me that he had watched my "Boy In Luv" performance and saw me winning the second place during the first ranking. He told me he wished I would do well."

How did V and Jang Moonbok become close? Jang Moonbok told us the anecdote, "I'm from Daegu and we happened to enter the same high school."

"My classroom was on the first floor, V was on the top floor, and we had the toilet in between our floors. I first met V at the bathroom. I was 17 back then so V had watched "Superstar K2" and he said he had watched my performance well. That's how we got close. Our meeting point was the bathroom. I realized that V's friendship with all seniors (singers) who are the same age began in the bathroom. (laughs) V is whimsy but he's really nice and caring. We spent the first term together and V later moved to Seoul after passing the audition and that's how he debuted as BTS."

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1. ah it's interesting how he knew V even before he became a trainee. but hard work never betrays us so I believe you will surely do well in the future +322 -2

2. Taehyung oppa's meeting point is the bathroom ㅎㅎ +272 -2

3. Moonbok seemed to have a good personality so I hope he does well +257 -2

4. ah ㅋㅋㅋ why is Kim Taetae meeting everyone in the bathroom? ㅋㅋㅋ +42 -0

5. As expected, V's connections all begin in the bathroom ㅋㅋ Jang Moonbok, I hope you'll achieve what you want! Fighting!! +38 -0

6. Jang Moonbok = V's friend = ARMY's friend! We will always support and help you! I hope your friendship with V will never change +31 -0

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