[Article] 170625 Circus Crazy, "BTS who does storytelling is a great role model"

Group Circus Crazy mentioned BTS.

During Circus Crazy's recent interview with fnstar, they mentioned BTS who receives immense love for their albums fused with storytelling, strengthening their determination.

Kizo talked about BTS' storytelling album and said, "I believe they are a good example. I would like to have them as our role model. However, I believe we should take a slightly different approach."

Minkyu revealed the group's color, "Just like our team name, we would like to become singers who look so passionate to the point we look like we've lost our minds."

Meanwhile, Circus Crazy has recently released their single, "Spring's lie". 

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1. Storytelling is important too but I really like how it feels like they are always singing as if they're talking next to us with sincerity... their music isn't like other idols that feel like "we're at this high place and this is the music we do so you should follow us", their music rather feels like they're holding our hands from a lower place than us at times. +73 -0

2. BTS is busy everywhere ㅋㅋ +63 -0

3. After learning that they practice without breaks and work on their music, I thought BTS is amazing. And their songs are really relatable and I think companies should learn by watching how BTS' company supports them well. BTS really earned something priceless and impossible with their effort +61 -0

4. there are many singers who choose BTS as their role model~ +35 -0

5. I hope Circus Crazy will achieve great results too ^^ +29 -0

6. but seriously BTS' storytelling planning ability is extraordinary... it's a work of a genius (thumbs up) I still can't forget the shock I had with HYYH... +9 -0

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