[Article] 170627 Seo Taeji X BTS will unite as "Seo Taeji and Boys"

Two icons who represent the generation, Seo Taeji and BTS will collaborate as "Taeji Boys".

On the 27th, Seo Taeji revealed, "At the 25th debut anniversary concert of Seo Taeji, "MOOVːSoundtrack vol.2 <Seo Taeji 25", Seo Taeji and BTS members will create the perfect reenactment of the songs released by "Seo Taeji and Boys". The two icons who represent their generation will come together as "Seo Taeji and Boys", a symbolic name in the history of pop music, to create the unique stage. 

Seo Taeji and BTS will perform selected songs from Taeji Boys' 1st to 4th albums which moved the Korean society whenever the albums were released. BTS will not only sing the songs that will display their maximum individuality and capability but they will also reenact the choreographies of Taeji Boys which were sensational to the teenagers of that generation.

This stage that puts the two musicians who entertain all generations has a unique meaning. We don't have to say much about Seo Taeji as he is a musician in the unrivaled status in Korea. BTS was the first KPOP group to win the award at the Billboard Music Awards and they are writing the new Korean pop music history. The two icons of KPOP will come together with Seo Taeji's music that changed the territory of Korean pop music to perform stages which will penetrate all generations. Seo Taeji is making thorough preparation in selecting the songs, constructing, and directing the stage for the show we will never see again.

Seo Taeji has previously revealed to perform Seo Taeji and Boys' songs in original sound during this concert. He is planning to take all audience back in time, those who have and have not experienced the 90s with the original sound stages, and BTS' vocal, rap, and dancing skills. 

Seo Taeji expressed, "Special thanks to BTS members who are working hard for the cool remake and the best performances."

Seo Taeji's 25th-anniversary concert "MOOVːSoundtrack vol.2 <Seo Taeji 25" will be held at the Seoul Olympic Stadium, the largest stadium in Korea on September 2nd. Other talented juniors are planning to release the remake his hit songs to celebrate Seo Taeji's 25th anniversary. BTS, Urban Zakapa, Younha, Loopy and Nafla, and others are confirmed to participate in this remake project and the musicians who took part will be released later in the order.

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1. I don't know what song Seo Taeji and BTS will remake but just like what the article said, I'm looking forward because to see the two icons collaborate +1603 -121

2. BTS fighting!!! this is daebak!! +1204 -102

3. The best collab... I'm really anticipating! +1168 -102

4. the leader never made wrong decision... +1177 -185

5. Seo Taeji... I think he's really amazing... I feel like he was born to live as a musician. +1085 -199

6. My niece/nephew who likes BTS and I (the aunt) who likes Seo Taeji should go see the concert together. ㅎㅎ I like things like this +291 -21

7. they're going to perform together. I'm really anticipating +230 -10

8. Fighting to Taeji hyungnim, BTS and everyone! +234 -14

9. Fighting BTS! Please don't get hurt and perform safely! And end the remaining world tour well! +226 -15

10. I'm curious what songs they will perform and I'm looking forward! +209 -12

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