[Article] 170630 [Gayo report for the first half year②] "Top idols", male group is BTS, female group is TWICE

The first half of 2017 perfectly displayed the two prominent boy and girl groups in the idol market. BTS and TWICE wrote the history of KPOP side by side.


Boy group BTS is making the unprecedented history. They entered the US Billboard Album chart, "Billboard 200" at No. 26 with their second full album "WINGS", released in October and this was the highest ranking achieved by Korean artist. They have been showing us overwhelming records in various pointers.

They entered the "Billboard 200" at No. 61  with the new album "WINGS Extension" in the first half of 2017 and they became the first Korean singer to enter the "Billboard 200" with 4 consecutive albums. Moreover, "Spring Day", the title track of "WINGS Extension" entered Billboard's "Bubbling Under Hot 100" chart at No. 15. It was an exceptional ranking. In April, Billboard covered the interview with Bighit Entertainment CEO Bang Sihyuk and reported the popularity of BTS in the US, proving the group's status once again.

Furthermore, BTS has topped the Billboard "Social 50" chart for 24 times since October until today, surpassing global pop stars, showing off their powerful influence in worldwide SNS. They also wielded dignity as the third singer with most No. 1s after Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift on the Billboard's "Social 50" chart ever since it was created.

With these achievements as their stepping-stones, BTS earn the glory of winning the "Top Social Artist" award at the 2017 US Billboard Music Awards. 

They were also included in the Top 25 Most Influential People on the Internet chosen by the US Times, along with US President Donald Trump, Harry Potter author JK Rowling. They have written a new KPOP history.

They have spent a record-breaking first half of 2017 in Korea. Their "WINGS Extension" recorded 729,295 copies in sales according to Gaon Chart and they topped the Album Chart for the first half of 2017 chart with overwhelming figures.

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1. BTS has topped the Billboard Social chart for 29 weeks and they are not the 3rd but the 2nd singer to have the most number of No.1s +220 -7

2. BTS, let's become more successful +211 -8

3. wow~ BTS!! Congratulations to TWICE too ^^ +194 -5

4. so thanks for being my light and for becoming the flower in my most beautiful moment in life... +170 -5

5. BTS, let's continue to fly higher♡ +166 -6

6. I follow these two groups because they are charming~ I hope they succeed more +83 -0

7. they are the top 2 idols as of now +83 -1

8. I hope BTS and TWICE to be more successful!! +81 -1

9. I love BTS and TWICE!! My favorite boy and girl group~ +76 -1

10. BTS and TWICE, I always support you~ I hope you guys become more successful~ fighting!! +66 -1

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