[Mag] 2017 July Star 1 - BTS

1. It's too early to fire a gun salute

After ending their Southeast Asia and Austrailia tours, BTS is scheduled to continue "2017 BTS Live Trilogy Episode III The Wings Tour ~Japan Edition~" from early July. They are also working on their album for comeback in the second half of the year. Looking at their hope and plan, it's too early to fire a gun salute. This is because BTS' challenge is still progressive. The past and future history of KPOP that was and will be written by BTS is bright without exception.

2. Difference with senior PSY

BTS was compared with PSY who had achieved many outcomes in the US prior to the group's recent winning. How would they think about winning the "Top Social Artist" award at the Billboard Music Awards and PSY who gained overseas popularity with "Gangnam Style "? BTS member Rap Monster replied, "Senior PSY achieved worldwide syndrome with only music video and contents. He is a dramatic and cool case. Whereas, we achieved this by constantly supplying various contents, interacting and our sincerity shown in the contents expanded the fandom." He then humbly answered, "We still can't compare our scale with senior PSY who created a worldwide syndrome. We're still making our baby steps."

3. "Billboard Hot 100" is the next goal

BTS' move made them the innovational model of KPOP idol history. BTS said they had sadly entered "Hot 100" at No. 115 with "Spring Day" and continued, "Our goal is to enter the Hot 100". They were grateful for this achievement accomplished with their fandom but they expressed their hope to compete with their contents.

4. The unsteady beginning and unclear future of small company idol group

BTS' achievement is more pleasant because they aren't a golden spoon idol loaded with advantages of big companies. Instead, they are a "self-made idol" who built their career with their own abilities. Member Suga said, "It feels like only yesterday when I was happy that we reached 1000 followers on SNS. We went through many hardships. There were many times I teared up because of the unclear future."

5. In their own ways, in their own style

They didn't receive the advantages of a big company but the solid bond that is created in a small company is also their potential energy and ability. Member Rap Monster said, "We believed in us. We are confident that we will continue to do something that only BTS can do." They have shown us exceptional success from a small company and they are now the dreams of many idols.

6. "School trilogy" "HYYH" "WINGS"

Beginning with "2 COOL 4 SKOOL" in 2013, they sang about "dream" as their title for "school trilogy". In 2015, they talked about "youth" with their "HYYH" series, steadily writing the growth chronicle. And with "WINGS" released in 2016 October, they debuted at No. 26 on Billboard Main Chart and this is the highest ranking in KPOP history.

7. The future moves of the trend of KPOP idol?

What could be the next move of an idol who is at the peak of fame? They can't grow anymore if they don't show a new side. Will they arrive at the last station? Even BTS worries about this as intensely as any other person. Member Jungkook said, "We make efforts to express the thoughts of 10s and 20s with music." Even member Suga said, "Our homework is finding what we should do in order to tell our stories to more people and make them relate to our story. Their answers made us realize how much they worry about this topic. Because they are a group that sung the insecure processes in their own ways, we really look forward to the stages they will show us in the future.

8. Winning the Top Social Artist

Member Jungkook said, "We couldn't stop feeling nervous until the very moment we went up on the stage to receive the award.". This made us realize how nervous they were. BBMA's "Top Social Artist" award focuses on the album sales volume and the number of times the artists are mentioned on SNS and this gave us a hunch that BTS could win the award. Reason 1) there are many fans, ARMYs who translate and spread their contents in real time, and 2) the group has been active on SNS with the intention to sincerely communicate with their fans and this perfect match brought results to BTS.

9. Their endless gratitude to fans

BTS has continuously expressed their gratitude to fans more than any other person. They have been approaching their fans with anniversary contents like 4th Festa and various other contents even before their winning. When they were asked if it isn't difficult for them to communicate with their fans now compared to the past, they promised to not forget to communicate with fans and said, "We are a group that receives power from new media and fans.".

10. Focusing on present rather than making advance in the Us

Since they are a group who was hot in other countries, their plans to enter the  US market was a pressing matter. Many KPOP seniors have tried before but it's true that there is no successful example. However, there's a beauty in breaking the highest wall. Wouldn't it be possible for them to debut in the US since they are making the most dazzling records? BTS stayed humble and replied, "Rather than a grand goal like advancing in the US, we want to do our best in our current position. We want to constantly make music and continuously communicate with fans and we believe something good will happen if we do".

11. We want to sing in Korean

BTS expressed, "Because we're Korean singers, we like singing in Korean and we feel proud. We never thought about winning at the BBMA when we debuted in 2013. Rather than having big dreams even in the future, we believe the road will open when we continue to do what we do." Member Jimin said, "Rap Monster hyung looked cool saying the acceptance speech in Korean. I was proud as a Korean singer and I hope we can perform on the Billboard stage with Korean songs." Modifier like "The trending idol of South Korea" is worthy for this group.

Scans X X (cr.9_DDaE)
Translated by PEACHISODA

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