[Mag] 2017 June ANAN - BTS (incomplete)

 Relay Confession (Theme is "fluttering")

Rap Monster → Jimin

At times when I see Jimin, I feel that he's sexy even when I'm a guy. His line is smooth when he dances and he has the smallest body frame and looks young among the members, but he is muscular so he catches your eyes.

Jimin → Taehyung

He either succeeds or fails by doing something you've never imagined. It seems like he makes us happy with unexpected behavior and sometimes he's really pure and turns into a cute person. You can't take your eyes off him!

Taehyung → Jungkook

His baby-like facial expression every now and then and seeing him tag along with members like a baby chick or seeing his youngest member trait is cute. He's usually the guy with superman power so I find this gap cute.

Jungkook → Jin

His shoulders are broad and his handsome face is his charm. But... My heart doesn't flutter. Never! Hm, at times on stage my heart does flutter like "oh?" and I send him signals when that happens. (laughs)

Jin → Suga

(in low tone) I really love your detailed consideration and quietness. My mind feels comfortable when I share the room with you. My forever roommate... Suga turns me into a poet.

Suga → J Hope

He's always positive and he makes 130% of effort to surpass the limit and I think that is his charm. He doesn't make my heart flutter... because I don't flutter for guys! (laughs)

J Hope → Rap Mon

His passion for music or foreign language is amazing. He makes my heart flutter with "anxiety". (laughs) Seeing him lead all of us as a leader makes me rely on him and I get a heart attack! 

JP - KR cr. cher_BTS
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