[Mag] ANAN Cover Story 2017 June

Worldwide famous BTS's first appearance on the cover of ANAN!

Our first photoshoot and interview with BTS members were exactly 2 years ago. The moment the 7 members appeared in the studio, I can clearly remember thinking, these guys are the epitome of the word "cute"... (laughs) Of course, they looked cute visuals but I think their cute vibe, diligent and upright personalities played a bigger role. They are now a big star with fans around the world but they were still diligent and upright.

The photoshoot and interview began with their cheerful greeting, "2, 3! We're BTS! Please take good care of us!". Despite their busy schedules every day, they did not show any signs of tiredness and the 7 of them stayed cheerful, smiled brightly and perfectly answered throughout the photoshoot and interview. Our ANAN team were amazed and looked at them like aunts and uncles as we thought "We'd be happy to have sons like them~"

It was impressive how they naturally began to dance when all members gathered together. When J Hope and Jimin start dancing so naturally as if they're breathing, other members begin to dance in sync with them and we had many scenes where the members laughed and shouted "kyakya" before ending the dance. Isn't it really amazing how they can naturally and enjoy dancing the choreographies they would have practiced and performed for hundreds of times in a place without any music nor audience? 

But after two days of the photoshoot, we were more touched by them.

Stylist assistant Mr. O talked to us after the photoshoot. He thought the members would surely be tired due to continuously changing outfits and busy photoshoot, he had told them, "It was tiring, isn't it? You guys really worked hard" and the members had replied, "Not at all! We really had a fun time.". He seemed to be very touched and said he thinks BTS members are great people and they had spoken to him in Japanese. For instance, J Hope had asked him what is the recent trending fashion in Japan in Japanese so he (Mr.O) had told him the recently popular brand name and J Hope immediately searched the brand and cheerfully said, "I think this style will suit me well~". Mr. O was completely in love with BTS and said, "They were all very nice and friendly". BTS had also stole the hearts of male staffs in the waiting room who were a little older than them. We were able to feel their power once again. 

ANAN got to release 2 versions for the first time because we thought, "Due to these reasons, these photos will definitely be amazing! We want to show this and also that to our readers!" We hope we can express the individuality of the 7 members and the brightness of the group to many people.

We also discuss "Which would look better?" by simply pasting the ANAN logo to the photos we take at the set. (Of course, these photos are carefully picked later by editorial department) Actually, there was another possible cover for the regular issue! In the end, we went with the right side photo but we thought, "the left photo looks cool too" so we used this photo as the preview in the previous month's issue. If you own the 2056th issue of ANAN, BTS will also be there in it so please check to see BTS~

JP - KR cr @row_baba

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