[PANN] 170530 I thought they couldn't be treated more poorly than this but...

I'm so happy these days
Did you read today's BTS article?
Seriously it's been a long time since I read such article written so carefully with one´s utmost sincerity


(Translation of the mentioned article is here)

The day when BTS won the BBMA
While looking at the Korean portal sites which really seemed too quiet 
I even thought could they be treated more poorly than this? I really thought they were being really harsh
But maybe they understood how upset we were?
They opened a press conference and the news reported this
I was so happy and proud to watch BTS members replying carefully and humbly during the interview
BTS is a group I'm stanning at this late age but...
I realized that I didn't live a meaningless life and I have good eyes for picking good people....

I should try to live a more careful real life
Although they are kids much younger than me
I'm learning and realizing a lot by watching them

Today was a very stressful day due to personal reasons but
BTS and Eppis heal me
This is embarrassing but
I purple you guys!... ppyong!

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1. But the boys went down the stage after the press conference to greet every reporter who came and they also took selcas with them. This made me realize that the reporters can't help but treat them kindly. Usually stars show up late, they get lazy and they don't answer properly during the interview which results in reporters talking behind their back but lately, some reporters are making in-depth analysis and write their articles with an utmost sincerity which I think is the extension to show BTS's good personality. Most of all, this shows that people in the related industry recognize them and the boys give them good impression +22 -0

2. Seriously there were many nice articles today. I think I was just worrying too much. Please watch CASPER RADIO's BTS episode if you have time on V Live. I found the video really enjoyable. The critics talked about BTS for 2 hours ㅎㅎ they said "there was a ridiculous plagiarism controversy" +11 -0

3. I agree, I think it was a nice article I enjoyed reading in a whole +2 -0

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