[PANN] 170612 the gifs that sweep all muggles to the fandom even now

f*cking handsome police Kook

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Response +50 -3

1. It's true that many fans were recruited by Police Kook +7 -0

2. Even when I was first interested in BTS, I was sailed on Youtube thanks to this music video and Police Kook. Of course, I was a fan of all members after joining the fandom but I began as a Kook fan +6 -0

3. He looks posh. I wish they style his hair and put that makeup again on him one more time +6 -0

4. Even I began stanning BTS with Kookoo ㅋㅋ I joined during Blood Sweat & Tears but ㅋㅋ Police KooKoo is cool too +5 -0

5. When he said ladies and gentlemen he looked like a handsome foreign actor... my eyes kept following him ㅋㅋ +4 -0

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