[PANN] 170621 oh BTS choreographer VS BTS choreographer

Quick is Save ME choreographer
 Keone is the choreographer of FIRE, DOPE, and others
It seems like Quick was Keon's student 10 years ago
but they're battling against each other at the dancing competition
this is somewhat interesting and cool 

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Response +127 -0

1. This is insane... Save ME, FIRE, DOPE... these are BTS' legendary choreographies, aren't they... is this legend vs legend? this is so cool +24 -1

2. It's interesting how they are meeting again when they used to be teacher-student before but as ARMY, they both have created the legend of legend choreographies so this gives me goosebumps... +19 -0

3. d...daebak ^^ +1 -0

4. heol this is dope 

5. Save ME choreography is so interesting. I don't know how they incorporated such powerful moves into a song like that. they are the real genius 

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