[Article] 170703 "Break or Comeback"... BTS who ended their "WINGS Tour", what will they be doing now?

Boy group BTS successfully ended their "THE WINGS TOUR". BTS has been traveling around the world for a long period for their concert tour and they are now planning to take a brief break. 

Beginning with their concert at Gocheok Dome last February, BTS presented their splendid performance in South and North America, Southeast Asia, and Austrailia. They successfully brought their tour to an end with "2017 BTS LIVE TRILOGY EPISODE III THE WINGS TOUR ~Japan Edition~" in Sapporo for the last two days, thereby drawing down the tour of their 5 months long tour.

BTS who will return after their remaining schedule in Japan will be on the "break" mode for the time being. They still didn't set any broadcast appearance, outdoor or any schedules as of now. However, they are planning to prepare for their new album in their spare time that is scheduled to release in Korea during the second half of the year.

BTS has been preparing for their new album with no break in between their recent tour. During the press conference for winning at the "2017 Billboard Music Awards" BTS revealed, "We are continuously working on our album. We are preparing to present great music and stage to surprise many of you.". Their comeback in Korea is predicted to be in August. It's been said producers of other boy groups are "studying" to avoid BTS.

Furthermore, "WINGS TOUR" may have additional dates but nothing has been confirmed with details. It's been revealed that their company Bighit Entertainment and overseas promoters are in discussion of this matter.

Meanwhile, BTS was the first Korean to be included in the "Top 25 Most Influential people on the internet" by TIMES, proving their worldwide influence.

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1. It was a very long tour but I'm happy that you guys finished without any major injury! I'm unhappy because Namjoon got hurt but let's not get hurt next time and break the furniture instead... Please rest well and I hope you will spend a lot of free time :) I'll support you +244 -1

2. Thank you so much for coming back in healthy state ㅜㅜ I hope this break would allow you guys to recharge yourselves ㅜㅜ +183 -1

3. The end of BTS's WINGS Tour is a prosperous leap! Hope you guys will take enough rest ^^ Looking forward to your next album too!! +177 -1

4. BTS fighting!! You all worked hard +152 -1

5. BTS, you worked really hard. Hope you will rest well♡ Fighting Jungkook! +118 -5

6. Fans, even if you see them on the road or outside please don't go to talk to them or follow them around. They are taking a break after a really long time so let's not make them tired +44 -0

7. If their comeback is predicted to be in August, these boys won't be able to rest ㅋㅋ August is too harsh ㅠ I hope they take enough rest and comeback slowly +38 -0

8. Yes, take enough rest and return~ ㅎㅎ BTS, you worked hard +39 -1

9. You worked very hard. It was a long period but you showed us a lot of things without much problem. Please take enough rest as much as you want to +39 -1

10. ah, additional overseas shows? ㅠ please allow them to take enough rest and comeback after September ㅠ I don't think they're health would be able to take all this +33 -0

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