[Article] 170704 "No. 1 in 2 charts" Seo Taeji X BTS collaboration worked

Singer Seo Taeji and group BTS's collaboration worked.

On the 4th 6PM, BTS released "Come back home" on online music sites. This is a track released from Seo Taeji's 25th debut anniversary remake project.

The song swept the music charts as soon as it was released. As of 7pm on 4th, "Come back home" safely secured its position on the top rankings of 8 major sites. It was No. 1 on Genie and Olleh Music. The song was No. 9 on Melon, No. 3 on Naver Music, and No. 2 on Bugs Music.

"Come back home" recreated by BTS didn't lose its signature sounds like the heavy bass line, intense beats and the impressive chorus of the original version. It was perfectly recreated as a new song with the additional new colors of BTS. 

With the trendy and sensual electro trap beat and the rap making personally joined by BTS members Rap Monster and J Hope clearly expresses their respect for the original artist and the musical confidence of BTS.

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1. I really like the song +361 -13

2. I really approve +317 -9

3. the song was nice!! +312 -10

4. I'm listening on Melon and I like it ㅋㅋ +308 -11

5. As expected from BTS +264 -10

6. I was like why "come back home" out of the blue? but it was their remake ㅋㅋ I think remake songs should really capture the  characteristics of the original song and also express the uniqueness of that singer and this is indeed a trendy remake from the trend idol +88 -3

7. wow... I really like the song. Seo Taeji, BTS - Come back home +79 -3

8. heol it's on the real time search ranking ㅋㅋ +70 -3

9. I'm ARMY but I learned that this song is releasing only today but I'm so happy because it's a great song and they're receiving very good responses ㅠㅠ No. 3 on real time search ranking ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ +75 -5

10. BTS really expressed their own characteristics well without damaging the vibes of the original song. I used to enjoy listening to Seo Taeji's music back in the days and this remake song is amazing +66 -3

11. I've never felt satisfied by the previous singers who released remakes of Seo Taeji's songs but I like this +59 -3

12. I genuinely like this +64 -5

13. Really nice! It's not easy for remakes to be nice but I'm listening to it on repeat +52 -1

14. I enjoyed watching them perform Classroom Idea before and I think this is quite enjoyable too +48 -0

15. they didn't do any proper promotion but the reactions are daebak ㅜㅜ the song is really nice!! +62 -5

16. It's the collab of the legend and the trend~ +48 -1

17. this is embarrassing but... even to an ahjumma listener in her 40s, this is really nice~ I'm listening to this on repeat with my son around~ ㅋㅋ +59 -5

18. the song is nice. I think I know why everyone's like "BTS" "BTS" +47 -1

19. it felt awkward at first because it was completely different but after listening to it again, I thought they did a great job ㅋ +46 -1

20. Boys, you really did well!! you guys are the best!! +59 -6

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