[Article] 170704 "Seo Taeji praised highly"... BTS will reveal the remake version of "Come back home" today (4th)

Seo Taeji and Boys' "Come back home" will be reinvented by BTS.

On the 4th at 6-m, BTS will reveal "Come back home" on online music sites. BTS's remake of "Come back home" is the first official remake in 22 years of the song released by Seo Taeji and Boys back in 1995. The shock that was brought by "Come back home" in 1995 didn't only influence the pop music industry but also created a major social effect.

"Come back home" recreated by BTS didn't lose its signature sounds like the heavy bass line, intense beats and the impressive chorus of the original version. It was perfectly recreated as a new song with the additional new colors of BTS. 

With the trendy and sensual electro trap beat and the rap making personally joined by BTS member Rap Monster and J Hope clearly expresses their respect for the original artist and the musical confidence of BTS.

BTS added the message of the efforts made by the younger generation for their dreams, the sweat they shed and their passion to the social message, "teenage runaway" expressed in the original song, making this not just a typical remake but interpreting the song in a new way. The music video of "Come back home" will reveal on the 5th.

Seo Taeji expressed his thoughts on BTS's "Come back home" remake by saying, "I think an excellent remake song that utilized the personality of BTS was created. I think the song will move the listeners who know the original song or listening to this song for the first time in a new way. I hope "Come back home" that talked about the teenage issues of those days will surpass the generation and comfort the teenagers who are living the present generation.". Seo Taeji had shown continuous interest while BTS worked on the song and he lavishly offered advice.

BTS's "Come back home" is the first song to release for Seo Taeji's 25th debut anniversary remake project "Time: Traveller". "Time: Traveller" is a project that remakes the hit songs of Seo Taeji by his junior artists with the theme of bringing present from the future. BTS who has grown as the international KPOP representing team was chosen as the first runner of the remake project. Younha, Loopy & nafla and others will release their remake songs digitally in order.

Meanwhile, the exclusive show of "MOOVːSoundtrack vol.2 'SEOTAIJI 25" to celebrate Seo Taeji's 25th debut anniversary will be held on September 2nd at the Seoul Olympic Stadium. BTS will be the only junior singer to reenact the original sound performance of Seo Taeji and the Boy together with Seo Taeji.

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