[Article] 170706 US FUSE TV·Billboard, "BTS puts a modern spin on "Come Back Home""

Fuse TV, US media largely dedicated to music and Billboard focused on BTS's remake track "Come Back Home".

On the 5th Fuse TV published an article with the title "BTS PUT A MODERN-DAY SPIN ON CLASSIC K-POP SONG 'COME BACK HOME" and reported about BTS, and Seo Taeji and Boys in depth. 

Fuse TV explained about the remake of "Come Back Home", "BTS is an undeniable key artist in the future of K-pop, the boy band is honoring one of the scene's pioneering acts with their new release".

They continued to report, "BTS honor the song's original bebop/hip-hop feel, but put a modern-day spin on the sound, new vocal stylings and modern-day lyrics.", "...the lyrics dealing with rejecting society ideals innately connect to BTS' long-standing, socially conscious messages."

On the 5th Billboard began their article, ""Come Back Home" is BTS' first song since they won a Billboard Music Awards earlier this year. ", explaining, "Twenty-five years after Seo Taiji & Boys’ “Nan Arayo” ignited Korea’s pop music scene, frontman Seo turned to K-pop group of the moment BTS to remake the act’s 1995 classic “Come Back Home.”"

Meanwhile, BTS released "Come Back Home" on the 4th and it's No. 22 on iTunes Top Song Chart, No. 51 on US iTunes Top Song chart, and No. 1 on Top Song Charts in Nicaragua, Lithuania, Vietnam, and El Salvador.

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1. The tough part about remaking a song is that singer has to put their own colors while keeping the original song but BTS really balanced this well and created a great remake. When other singers reinterpret or remake songs, there are some who show outstanding talent and BTS is one of them. I noticed that singers who really consider music seriously are very talented in this but BTS takes part in both composing and lyric writing so BTS has the talent to make any song sound like their own song +595 -1

2. I think the way they understand music is different from others. Singers like BTS, Big Bang, and IU amaze me. They interpret the songs in their own style very well and I think people who have a deep understanding of music are indeed different. I saw them performing another singer's song at the awards ceremony and I noticed that they're good at singing any song in their own style +493 -0

3. I think it would have pressured them a lot since a really great senior suggested about the remake but thank you for bringing this great result! +472 -1

4. ❤ I really love BTS ❤ +423 -1

5. I really like Come Back Home song ㅎㅎ BTS, I always support you. Fighting +400 -1

6. Singers like BTS should be praised. They created the song by interpreting and arranging the song with their own ability. They're so much better than the people who can't even eat up the remake songs spoon fed by their companies because they don't have the ability to compose and write lyrics. +108 -0

7. honestly the music video was released late, there weren't any teasers, almost zero oversea promo, nothing was shared on Bighit's channel and this was a remake song so I was really surprised to see this entering the Top Song Chart in the US and UK. I heard that Single Chart is harder to enter than album chart +102 -0

8. Things I felt after listening to the song 1) rap line is really, really, really good at rapping 2) BTS who you trust listening to 3) best arrangement +101 -0

9. It must have felt like a big burden but I think they did a great job in remaking the song as much as the original track. It felt quite different... I'm really looking forward to their growth +90 -0

10. I really love the original track and the remake of it. BTS , I purple you +87 -0

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