[Article] 170707 "Achieves all-kill in the first half of 2017"... BTS sweeps the music charts of Korea and Japan

Group BTS topped the major music charts of Korea and Japan for the first half of the year.

According to the "Album Chart for the first half of 2017", BTS's "YOU NEVER WALK ALONE" recorded 728,417 copies in sale and seized the No. 1 spot.

Moreover, according to the "Oricon Single ranking for the first half of 2017" released recently by Oricon Japan, BTS's "Blood, sweat, and Tears" recorded 257,621 copies in sale and ranked at No. 11 as the only Korean singer in the Top 20.

This proved BTS's great popularity in Japan as they ranked the highest not only as a Korean artist but among all foreign artist on this year's first half ranking for Single and Album announced by Oricon.

BTS's "WINGS Extension: You Never Walk Alone" had recorded the highest sales last February with 713,063 copies, changing the best monthly sales record in Gaon Chart's history.

Meanwhile, on the 4th BTS released the first official remake of "Come Back Home" released by Seo Taeji and Boys in 1995. They have entered the iTunes chart around the world with the song.

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1. Shouldn't this article be featured on the main page??? Mr. Naver!!! +479 -7

2. I think BTS's music feels more sincere because they honestly create music with their own view... plus they're talented so I think this is why they can't help but succeed~!! +438 -2

3. It doesn't matter what others say because they prove with records +413 -2

4. BTS pride. I was listening to Come Back Home and I realized I could feel their growth in every song they release and that made me so proud and it makes them so cool too. I'm grateful. I will always support you +376 -2

5. I always look forward! +341 -2

6. I'm looking forward to the second half of the year. Let's make new album record! +84 -0

7. Bighit, please release a lot of copies during the next comeback!!❤️ +81 -1

8. Beyond the Scene. They released album, world tour, promotion in Japan, and now a remake too! I praise BTS's hard work for the first half of 2017~ you deserve this. I hope they have time to rest ㅜ but I'm also very looking forward to their album for the second half. I wonder what story they'll have in their album this time. Let's see you a lot in Korea❤️ +78 -0

9. they're really the best ㅠㅠ they sincerely make all their albums so they can't help being loved. I'll be anticipating for the next album! +77 -0

10. as expected, I'm proud of them ㅠㅠ +71 -0

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