[Article] 170708 ARMY, "BTS fans have no complaint", they are confused by Seo Taeji rep's apology for "Come Back Home" MV

Singer Seo Taeji's rep apologized to the few voices who expressed disappointment to BTS's Come Back Home MV. This puzzled BTS fans and they expressed, "ARMY has not complained about the music video".

On the 8th, Seo Taeji's rep apologized by posting their official statement saying, "Thank you for the great interest you've shown to BTS's "Come Back Home". We have received sincere reprimands from many people after releasing the music video. We apologize for not meeting your expectation fully with the work."

They continued to explain in detail, "As the characteristic of a remake work, we faced budget planning issues, and scheduling time with individual musicians for the shooting so we did not plan a music video at all. We decided to create the music video for all songs despite insufficient budget with the thought to celebrate the precious song produced with efforts by each artist, to provide the story that each musician couldn't cover in their song, and to recall memories of the original song to the listeners." We could feel their effort to create music videos for enjoyment despite the limited budget.

Lastly, Seo Taeji rep apologized again, "Since this was how it was planned, we hope you will understand the different characteristic of the music video compared to the official music videos produced for artist's usual promotion."

BTS was the first artist in remake project to celebrate Seo Taeji's 25th anniversary. They released "Come Back Home" on the 4th, reinterpreted with their own colors and the music video was released on the 5th. Seo Taeji nor BTS appeared in this music video and actors who aren't well known to the public appeared. Some expressed their disappointment to this and Seo Taeji's company apologized and asked for their understanding.

However, this is making BTS's fans more confused. Fans who belong to fanclub ARMY are satisfied with "Come Back Home" that has the unique colors of BTS and they were already aware that BTS members would not be appearing in the music video due to their overseas tour. 

However, when Seo Taeji's company released such statement this made BTS fans confused and left comments like, "We have not complained about this", "BTS fans have no complaint. We're in fact honored to see them (BTS) perform together with a great senior.", "Who expressed their discontent?". 


Thank you for the great interest you've shown to the first Seo Taeji remake project, "Time: Traveler" "Come Back Home" by BTS.

We have received sincere reprimands from many people after releasing the music video. We apologize for not meeting your expectation fully with the work.

If we could provide additional explanation of the production process, we were not able to plan about creating music videos in the beginning due to insufficient budget planning, difficulty in scheduling with individual artist and etc which are the characteristics of remake project. However, we thought we could provide a little happiness by creating music videos for all songs despite the insufficient budget in order to celebrate the precious songs produced with efforts by each artist, covering the stories musicians couldn't cover in their songs and to bring memories of the original song to the listeners.

Since this was how it was planned, we hope you will understand the different characteristic of these music videos compared to the official music videos produced for artist's usual promotion and enjoy the other music videos which will be revealed soon.

We will listen to all the important opinions shared by everyone so the little present we prepared for the fans to celebrate Seo Taeji's 25th anniversary could remain as a good memory. And we will do our best to make sure these precious remake songs will shine brighter than anything.

Thank you.

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1. ARMYs were disappointed and made because of the Come Back Home MV, we were angry because BTS member Jin was not included in the Youtube banner on CJ's channel. Also, ARMYs are actually baffled to see an article like this appears out of nowhere. Not many ARMYs complained about the music video so journalists, I hope you will respect the opinions of the fans who are trying to tell you that they feel they're being dragged because of articles like this +181 -1

2. Honestly, I was quite flustered because there wasn't any promotion at all until the day before the release of the song and I listened to the song on repeat because it had good quality. I didn't expect to see the boys appear in the mv and I didn't have any high expectation so I wasn't even disappointed but what is this article... honestly, I think it was Seo Taeji-nim's fans who were disappointed and asked for a feedback. Articles like this only make BTS who did their best look bad +167 -1

3. Journalists, please stop writing articles that will attract trolls... why are you making BTS and their fans get a bad image for something they didn't even do... I'm already upset to see their good articles being kept in the dark... I'm confused and sad this afternoon weekend +149 -1

4. fans weren't really interested in the mv from the start anyway... why... I'm really confused just like the title of this article +138 -1

5. MK (T/N: name of the news company that wrote this article), I love you +104 -1

6. seriously ㅋㅋㅋ Fans weren't interested in the mv because we knew BTS wasn't going to appear in it but we just ended up as fandom  full of complaints +76 -0

7. Thank you for writing an article to put things right. We were really confused ㅠㅠ no one said anything even on Twitter but they apologized all of a sudden;;; +70 -0

8. BTS's fandom didn't express any complaint on any community sites about the mv so we're upset to see so many news sites post articles with misleading titles. Thank you for the correcting post! +66 -0

9. This feels like someone just stabbed my back on a peaceful weekend... we don't have any complaint so why would we complain? ㅠㅠ +66 -0

10. this is it ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ ah it was a good weekend ㅜㅜ thank you for the correcting article +59 -0

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