[Article] 170709 BTS is No. 1 in Boy Group Reputation ranking for 9 straight months

According to the 2017 July Big Data analyze of boy group brand reputation, BTS is No. 1, EXO is No. 2 and Seventeen is No. 3. 

Korean Business Research Institute analyzed consumer behavior of 103,665,054 pieces of Big Data collected from 2017 June 7th to 2017 July 8th to measure the participation index, media index, communication index, and community index for the boy group brands. Compared to May's brand big date, 27.16% has increased.

Brand index is an index that is created by finding the factors that highly influence consumer's online behavior when they consume these brands. Boy group brand reputation ranking helps to measure positivity and negativity of the groups, media interest rate, communication with consumers and their level of interest.

The Top 30 of 2017 July Boy group reputation ranking includes BTS, EXO, Seventeen, Sechs Kies, Highlight, Shinee, NCT, FT Island, VIXX, Astro, Infinite, BTOB, Shinhwa, Super Junior, Big Bang, Nuest, Monsta X, Bromance, Got7, Block B, JYJ, B1A4, BEAST, Halo, 2PM, BAP, TVXQ, Teentop, SF9, Winner.

The No. 1 brand BTS (Rap Monster, Suga, Jin, J Hope, Jimin, V, Jungkook) showed 2,420,792 participation index,  874,152 media index,  2,529,268 communication index, 5,333,079 community index and 11,157,291 in total brand reputation index. Compared to June, 16.65% has decreased.

Goo Changhwan, the head of the Research Institute stated, "According to the result of 2017 July Boy Group Brand reputation, BTS topped the ranking. EXO's brand big data rose sharply and it was analyzed that this was due to their comeback news becoming an issue which increased the interest for EXO. Even No. 5 Highlight's brand reputation ranking rose sharply. Their community index rose due to the increase in their songs."

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1. They're No. 1 for 9 months straight during their break (shivers) +2506 -194

2. they have a lot of great non-title tracks... especially butterfly +2302 -191

3. please listen to HYYH series, they are so good ㅜㅠㅠ +2061 +178 

4. 9 months (shivers) +1787 -151

5. Our BTS who continues to top the ranking even during their break!! Amazing♡.♡ +1804 -161

6. their group name was like an entry barrier but they constantly did their music and was recognized for their music. They've won many amazing awards and in the end they're receiving a lot of attention during their break! Congrats!! You must be busy with the preparation for your next album but I will continue to look forward! +417 19

7. I lived my life looking down on idol music but I just passed out after listening to BTS's songs for real... they're not just the typical idol songs. Their lyrics have a philosophy. I was surprised to hear they wrote the lyrics on their own. especially Baepsae... I really felt like someone hit the back of my head +402 -24

8.  as expected, from BTS. I'm so proud of them as ARMY ^^ I'll be looking forward to your comeback!! fighting!! +384 -26

9. kyaa! as expected from BTS! so cool! the best!! I'm really looking forward to the comeback!! +350 -17

10. keeeu as expected from BTS +338 -21

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