[Article] 170712 BTS is No. 1 keyword in the first half of Twitter Music section

It was announced that the top keyword mentioned the most number of times in the first half of the year on Twitter were "presidential election", "BTS", and "Produce 101".

Twitter Korea analyzed the data produced by Korean users from 2017 January 1st to June 30th and revealed the most searched keywords in each category and the accounts which attracted the attention of the users.

In the music category, "BTS" who is sweeping not only Korean but international music charts seized the first place. "EXO" who recently created their official Twitter account and began their promotion on Twitter ranked No. 2.

Trend girl groups like "Red Velvet", "TWICE", "IOI" followed behind them and "Highlight" "Seches Kies" who made their comeback after a long break ranked in the top places.

Meanwhile, BTS was also chosen as the account that gained the most number of followers during the first 6 months of 2017 (about 2.42 million).

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