[Article] 170714 BTS is No. 10 on Japan Oricon first half single sales... they are the only foreign artist

Group BTS ranked No. 10 in Japan Oricon Chart for the first half sales figures as the only foreign artist.

On the 14th, Oricon Style, the largest site in Japan that counts the sales of albums, released the market report that calculated the first half of soft music market (single, album, music DVD). According to the report, BTS was the only foreign artist to enter their name in the single, album and music DVD sections.

BTS's "Blood Sweat & Tears" released on May 10th got them on the 10th place in the Single chart.It was announced that they were the first foreign artist to sell over 200,000 copies with a single album in 6 years. BTS's "Blood, Sweat & Tears" recorded 238,795 copies in the first week.

Other popular Japanese idols like  AKB48, Arashi, Nogizaka46, Kanjani Eigh, and Hey! Hey! Jump were also in the ranking. BTS's performance stood out among the popular Japanese singers.

BTS has sold 200,000 copies in a week with Blood Sweat & Tears in just 2 years and 11 months since their debut in Japan. This is the fastest record set by the foreign artist until now. They also expressed their gratitude, "This is possible because of ARMYs (fanclub) who supports us always"

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1. self-producing, composing and lyric writing skills, and world class choreography! our BTS makes us proud from everywhere they go! Let's fighting for the second half of the year as well~ +315 -2

2. keuuu amazing outcome in both Korea and overseas :) BTS who always works hard, let's fighting for the second half as well! +296 -3

3. as expected~ no matter what they say, they prove with records all the time. I'm proud of them +274 -3

4. let's continue to walk on the rainbow road just like this. I will support you from everywhere... +245 -2

5. I thought they were just so-so until FIRE but I slowly fell in love since BST and then became a fan since Spring Day +212 -3

6. they slowly grew their potential and they overcame hardships to achieve their present outcome and this makes me happier! they are just a star that shines briefly. I'm happier because they became a star who will shine for a long time. Fighting!! +116 -0

7. as expected from BTS! I will anticipate for the second half~ +106 -0

8. thank you so much for making music that makes me want to listen to them more and I think you guys are preparing hard for the second half comeback. I will always support you and wait for you +105 -0

9. news that makes me strength from morning~ BTS makes me want to see them even when I'm watching them... this makes me miss them more~ ^^ +107 -1

10. I went to Trampoline Park with my daughter in Sydney and I was surprised when I saw Australian girls singing to Save me ㅎㅎ as expected from BTS!! +100 -0

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