[Article] 170715 Malaysian fanclub donates under the name of BTS

Boy group BTS's Malaysia fanclub held a charity event and donated the profits to the local organizations under the name of BTS.

In order to donate to the local organization, BTS's Malaysian fanclub held charity exhibition on the 15th and the profits were donated to the local volunteer organizations.

The profits were donated to "National Council for the Blind Malaysia", "Turtles Conservation Society of Malaysia" and "MERCY Malaysia" under the name of BTS.

Their donation to the organizations will be used to provide safe facilities and education for the blind, to protect the habitat of wild turtles and to protect the endangered species, and to support the facilities for elders needed inside Malaysia.

This exhibition was held to support their community and it was the first offline event organized by the Malaysian fanclub of BTS. Many Malaysian fans of BTS visited the venue and participated in the charity work.

Each organization thanked the fanclub who donated and showed interest.

BTS's Malaysian fanclub expressed, "We decided to open this exhibition with the hopes of our fanclub activity to help in improving the local society. We hope to contribute in improving the local society by holding events like this even in the future."

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1. It's really nice to see such fanclub activity 

2. Although I could not contribute to this event as an ARMY, thank you very much and I'm very proud of you❤️❤️ 

3. There fans are heartwarming just like BTS with good personalities

4. This is a very pleasant news. I feel proud as a fan who belongs to the same fandom 

5. wow~ this is cool 

6. as expected from ARMYs! Our international fans are working hard 

7. I'm touched~ although we're from different countries, I'm grateful as a fan who supports the same singer as you and this is an event I'm thankful to you ♡ BTS, I'll be supporting always♡♡♡ 

8. oh...oh... the people who press the dislike button in an article like this are the worst! Thank you Malaysian ARMYs ^^ 

9. ARMYs around the world are so cool. The fans are just like their singer ㅋ 

10. BTS members are great people and ARMYs are also very cool 

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