[Article] 170717 [HD Story] BTS Jin, I like your handsomeness and your unexpected charm

BTS Jin, Seokjin when I first saw you I thought you were flawless with your perfect visual.

I thought handsome people were cold but you were handsome and unexpectedly warm and playful 

I can't stop smiling as I watch you always being the mood maker of your team with your playfulness.

I can't express the shock I felt when I saw your "worldwide handsome" visual for the first time. Jin, you are the dazzling visual of Konkuk University Film Arts major. You've received the nickname "chamunnam" (car door guy) just by the clip of you getting out your car and I guess I wasn't the only one who was shocked by your visual

And why do you have such broad shoulders? I always wish I could lean on you whenever I see your back

It's not just your visual. I fell in love with you once again by your perfect variety skills. Whenever you broadcast your eating broadcasts "Eat Jin" I feel full even when I'm not eating and I wonder if this is how parents feel

And watching you always doing your best makes me respect you always and I feel proud to see you improving steadily on stage

Although we didn't start off easily, you've now won the Billboard award and grown worldwide so let's continue to stay together until the end

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