[Article] 170720 BTS "Spring Day" hits 100 million views... their 7th record

Group BTS's "Spring Day" music video surpassed 100 million views.

The music video of "Spring Day", the title track from BTS's "WINGS Extension: You Never Walk Alone" released last February surpassed 100 million views on Youtube around 11PM on the 19th.

This makes BTS own seven music videos with 100 million views including "DOPE", "FIRE", "Blood Sweat & Tears", "Boy in Luv", "Save ME", Not Today" and "Spring Day".

"Spring Day" is an alternative hip hop song with British Rock sentiment together with electronic sound and lyrical melody. The lyrics were written by Rap Monster and Suga based on their personal experiences. The song talks about not losing hope while waiting to meet their friend who has drifted away.

When "Spring Day" music video was released in February the music video topped iTunes Music Video chart in 6 countries including US, UK, Canada, Singapore, Indonesia, and Thailand. It was also revealed as the most watched KPOP music video during the first half of 2017 announced by Youtube.

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1. Congrats BTS~ +2301 -172

2. As expected from BTS~ I think they will reach 200 million views soon +2098 -173

3. this is cool... I think they're really the trend +2061 -184

4. BTS class +1844 -148

5. Wow as expected from BTS! Seriously Spring Day is def the best legendary song by BTS +1875 -198

6. I was a fan of another group but I got to learn about them by chance and besides their title tracks they have so many great songs but I'm surprised they're mostly written by themselves... I think they won the Billboard award for a good reason.. the members have great relationship and they're all handsome and nice.. I think they're quite cool +631 -19

7. I watched music videos of Not Today and Spring Day and Not Today is really cool and Spring Day felt like I was watching a drama... the degree of completion is high +580 -20

8. They're the group after Big Bang to have the most number of music videos with 100 million views... if you consider their debut year it's really... (shivers) +556 -19

9. Spring Day is a masterpiece +538 -19

10. as expected from BTS! I'm proud of you!  +519 -23

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