[Article] 170720 GMP signed a contract with BTS for a collaboration

GMP, company that specializes in laminating revealed on the 20th that they had signed a contract with popular idol group BTS.

This contract is the next move followed by the company's recent VT Cosmetics transfer and this makes the company sell BTS brand products for the next 2 years.

BTS who debuted in 2013 is the most active group who continues to communicate with their fans on Twitter, V APP and other platforms. They are the first KPOP group to win the "Top Social Artist Award" at the "2017 US Billboard Music Awards" and they're recognized as the most influential top artist in both Korea and overseas.

GMP official revealed, "We anticipate to see a great increase in both domestic and international sales by with cosmetics created by our collaboration contract with BTS . This will increase the brand awareness in both Korea and overseas, creating a great synergy effect."

They plan to prevent counterfeit products by attaching their official hologram sticker developed by GMP themselves in the collaboration items.

Besides this contract, the subsidiary company VT Cosmetics signed a contract with BTS as their advertising endorsers. Both companies now have the ability to use BTS's image for their cosmetics and products.

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