[Article] 170723 Entertainment company Bighit Entertainment receives power from IPO

The value of "BTS" soars, they sign daebak advertisements

Idol group BTS has signed multi-billion worth contracts as endorsement model, rising the group's value and this is also increasing the company value of Bighit Entertainment. Observers comment that Bighit Entertainment will enter the stock market very soon by pushing forward BTS's popularity.

According to the DART on 23rd, BTS has decided to sign a 3.6 billion won worth contract as endorsement model with Gonsen, a subsidiary company of GMP (KOSDAQ listed). It's a 2-year contract from the date they signed. They will receive a billion won in a week from the date they've signed and they will receive the remaining payments in schedule.

Gonsen is also planning to pay 100 million won for BTS's portrait rights and pay an additional fee according to the sales scale of cosmetics. BTS will be the endorsement model of "VT Cosmetic", the cosmetic brand of Gonsen and they will also introduce products with their names on.

Even the group's company, Bighit Entertainment is growing rapidly along with BTS's popularity. Last year's album sales volume of this company was 1,358,644 and they were No. 2 among Korean entertainment companies, following SM Entertainment. They recorded 30 billion won in sales last year and the business profit is said to range between 7 and 8 billion won. We predict their sales to surpass 50 million this year. CEO and composer Bang Sihyuk is the largest shareholder of Bighit Entertainment.

The possibility of Bighit Entertainment's IPO is growing bigger. Financial Investors retrieving their investment has been hinted. The company has received 4 billion won from Venture Capital SV Investment in 2012, 5.5 billion won from LB Investment and 7 billion won from Legend Capital, China last year.

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1. BTS VS Big entertainment companies with many groups under them. But BTS has the power to compete with them and this is amazing. I praise Bighit and BTS's hard work~ ^^ +346 -9

2. I'm happy to see a talented group being recognized and I'm happy for their company. I hope they will continue to walk on this same road... +288 -7

3. This is cool ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ  please create ads like PUMA who understands these fans well ㅠㅠㅠ +267 -11

4. I'm one person waiting to see the stock listed! +242 -8

5. Bighit! BTS! Fighting! +250 -15

6. They're No. 2 after SM... SM has so many singers and Bighit has only BTS but they still ranked No. 2 this is really amazing +132 -15

7. BTS ranked No. 2 as just one group (under Bighit); this is amazing. Let's continue to do better! Fighting BTS :) +114 -0

8. oh my god No. 2? Bighit ranked No. 2 only with BTS? This is amazing. Bighit, you should pay BTS well after calculating the profit and loss +133 -16

9. I can feel a strong bond and passion from BTS. I hope they can become singers who continue to do their own music just like now +106 -0

10. I'm hearing many good news... I'm looking forward to the next album. Please look after your health well too +129 -16

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