[Article] 170724 [Official Statement] BTS rep, "Working on new album for September comeback"

Group BTS will make their comeback in September.

Official of Bighit Entertainment revealed on 24th to OSEN, "BTS is working on a new album for September comeback".

When they were asked if BTS will be releasing a new full album or a mini album they replied, "Nothing has been decided."

If BTS makes their comeback in September, they will be returning to the Gayo scene in 7 months after their second full album repackage "WINGS Extension" released last February.

Since then, BTS has made splendid achievements like attending the Billboard Music Awards' red carpet as the first KPOP group and winning the Top Social Artist award.

The new album that will be released by BTS who returned home in glory is catching attention from many people.

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1. Oh my god!!!! September!!!!! ㅠㅠ!! I'm so happy. I will be waiting~ please comeback to us coolly!!!♡ +700 -43

2. daebaaaakkk ㅠㅠ BTS, I'm so happy for their comeback!! +595 -39

3. I'll be looking forward to great music again, BTS! +571 -35

4. Is this comeback realㅠㅠ???? BTS, let's fly higher again with our wings on and without any injuries!! I'll support you +533 -34

5. wow~~^^♡♡♡♡♡ I've been waiting... BTS who I miss... please don't hurt yourselves during practices~~ +492 -30

6. Honestly, I like this group's music. I listen to the entire album when they release an album +186 -7

7. finallyㅠㅠ but I hope you will take care of your health even when preparing for the comeback ㅠㅠ!! +184 -11

8. BTS who I trust listening to, I'll be waiting +156 -5

9. I'll be supporting you always~ BTS fighting even this time and I purple purple you +150 -5

10. I will look forward to BTS's comeback with good songs again. Let's be healthy and happy and hit daebak with this comeback again! +150 -7

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