[Article] 170729 BTS to hold hands with US producer Diplo... "About to make a movie with my Korean squad"

"Global Trend Idol" BTS is working together with US DJ and Producer Diplo.

On the 29th, Diplo uploaded a photo with the caption "About to make a movie with my Korean squad" on his Instagram account. In the revealed photo, you can see Diplo with his arms around BTS members Rap Monster and Jungkook. 

On this day, Diplo also posted a photo of group Major Lazor together with BTS. Diplo came to Korea to attend "2017 Jisan Valley Rock Festival".

BTS has recently been selected as "10 New Artists You Need to Know" posted by US pop music magazine Rolling Stone and they also won the Top Social Artist Award at the BBMA. They're preparing for the comeback in September. 

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Response +202 -42

1. They are a very underrated group compared to their talent.. Is it because of their group name.. I think people have this preconception even before listening to them. BTS, I hope you guys will succeed even more!!!!! +544 -200

2. I'm proud of you, BTS +444 -157

3. I like their songs but I noticed that these guys have great personalities. When you watch their Billboard acceptance speech and their appearance on the news and interviews, you can tell how humble they are... I hope you will continue to succeed a lot in the future. I've seen them ignored a lot, perhaps it's because they're from a small company? But when you look at their past performance, they're not a group you could ignore +71 -13

4. They're not media playing every time they do something like the big companies and they've started from the very bottom. They've been doing their work quietly and although they're an idol group, they have worked all songs in their album and that's how they came to the place where they are today. I think this fact alone is very amazing +73 -16

5. I began to take interest in them after watching their cover of Seo Taiji's Classroom Idea and Come back home but since they're not a group that's built by extensive media plays like YG, I can feel how substantial they are. 
They make me wonder "how and what did they do to climb up here so quietly?". 
You just have to keep in mind that opposition forces will try to harm you greatly as your popularity grows and you become a matchless group. +58 -3

6. I became their fan this year and I learned that their HYYH album is a masterpiece even though it's an idol's album... I'm quite old and I have my own life too so I can't go and support them at broadcasts but I'm still waiting for their comeback
Seriously the members have a strong bond and I think it's been a while since I last saw a group that works hard to do what they do! I hope you will not lose your original intentions as you continue to become more successful! +56 -3

7. BTS, I'm waiting for your comeback +60 -11

8. I'm so proud to watch you guys building your career by doing music that means so much to you, and working with seniors you respect. I hope you will continue to make more good music you love. BTS, you deserve this. I hope you will continue to grow steadily +61 -16

9. Their music gets better and better every comeback so I'm totally looking forward to their next songs!!! fighting!! +56 -12

10. I acknowledge the class of BTS!! +55 -15


This was a featured news on Entertainment News category on Nate (29th July)

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