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Idol group members promoting as solos is the trend. In the past, it used to be a special privilege for the most popular member of the group or it used to be a fan service but now the solo activity for idols is a must. Solo activities help the member to increase the density of their position in the group and they also reveal their potential which even their fans had no idea about by choosing to do things that are different from their usual character or musical style. Solo activity is used to expand the spectrum of individual members and to show their true individual colors.

This doesn't just stop with drawing more attention to the specific member. Through their solo activity, the group evolves as a team that is equipped with various contents, increasing exposure frequency which helps to promote the team and solidifies the fandom simultaneously.

The present idol world is busy and lively than ever before with group activities, unit activies, and solo activities. And they present us with kaleidoscopic performances. The solo activities are in various forms from solo tracks in their group album, digital singles, solo album, and OST features. We will introduce the music of idols that either showed their new side or get to know them better through the solo tracks. Today is the Boy Group episode.

Writer| Jung Eunjung (Webzine Wave Editor)

#2 V

BTS has swept various music awards ceremonies in 2016 and 2017. Their music deserves to be called the trend as they guarantee both musical identity and level of completion. This is why we can't help but look forward to BTS's solo activities. They don't have any official solo activity but we could sound out the possibilities of their solo activities with the solo tracks of all members included in their second full album "WINGS".

The member who outstands among the others is V who jumps between as a vocal and rapper. He usually overflows with whimsical and cute charms but he is the enchanting member whose eyes change when he steps on the stage and steals the fans' hearts with his signature smile and eyes. 

There is another reason why V is an enchanting member. It's because he has a voice tone that makes it difficult for the listeners to find his voice in different tracks and position. His tone is definitely different when he's singing and rapping. He sounds gentle with his baritone tone when he sings but his voice overflows with roughness like a beast when he raps.

V's vocal in V's solo track "Stigma" sounds a little different, it's subtly different from the tone he had presented us until now. In the relaxing and sentimental neo soul track, "Stigma" V transcends from baritone tone to falsetto on the heavy beats and simple melody. He created a dramatic mood for the song only by switching over his singing method. When you watch the short film video based on the lyrics written by V that reminds you of a short play you will get a better understanding of the narration and the emotion of the song.

 "Hwarang" OST, "It's you even if I die" is a track you can enjoy the basic vocal expressed by V. The strength of his vocal is that his baritone tone is soft and comfortable. Contrast to Jin's light and clear vocal, V's deep vocal balances and continues the grooves.

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