[PANN] 170629 I never had this feeling before but...

Right now, honestly no matter what others say
I feel like BTS is the most popular group so I don't feel affected but
I had this thought that one day they will have to step down from their place and that really hurt my heart
I had this thought all of a sudden so it's making me sad
I'm in the similar age group as the members so it's not like they are the first celebrity I've stanned but they are the first celebrity to influence me and my life
so I'm afraid that everything might end like a dream

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1. Lyrics of Young Forever came to my mind while reading Eppi's post. "This can't be mind forever. The thundering applause is telling me to brazen and raise my voice higher and let it reach further. I will sing even if the audience wouldn't be here forever. I want to stay this way for life. I want to stay as a young boy forever" +29 -0

2. But we should just be grateful for the many happy moments and stay happy together!! The boys will surely continue doing their music so let's continue to support them until the end +23 -0

3. I don't think I would ever stan an idol group as passionately as I had stanned BTS. An idol group like BTS has never existed in the past, not even in the present nor future. BTS will be the only group like themselves. I'm certain that although they might not receive the spotlight forever, they are not a group that will vanish easily. They will eventually come down from their present position at some point but what's wrong with that? It's not like they gained fame overnight. They steadily climbed from the very bottom so I'm sure these boys will naturally accept the flow +8 -0

4. I'm quite old so I know this feeling (I've experienced this with my previous idol). This might feel bitter but as time passes, this isn't something you can control. But we've seen the boys worrying and planning for their future in their interviews, right? This made me believe that they will overcome that phase well. As long as fans continue to stay next to them, I believe we can be happy for a long time! +5 -0

5. This is what I wrote in my diary recently and I remembered this so I will share it here ㅎㅎ Nothing lasts forever because it's a fact that everything will change and flow but that doesn't mean you have to be seized by skepticism. Everything doesn't last forever and that makes every moment more precious and I think it's fine as long as you do your best for each and every moment. BTS will not last forever, they will grow old, and they won't be able to dance like now in the future but as long as they promote as "BTS", I hope they will experience the best moments and I wish I could be there with them while they accomplish these things. +4 -0

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