[PANN] 170702 Eppis! This is the hashtag to trend today!

(The end of WINGS Tour is a prosperous leap)

We will be doing a mass trend to celebrate the successfully ending and to congratulate our BTS who worked hard
Please participate a lot
And please attach a streaming proof as well

1 Tweet, 1 RT will begin at 8:30 PM (KST) when the concert ends until it trends on Twitter

cr. 개미

We were like when are the boys going to come back to Korea... when is the tour going to end...
but it's already the last show ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ
let's wait for the collab song to release online! (T/N: Seo Taeji X BTS)

Eppis who are also streaming today as if you are breathing and stay active on Twitter, let's do a mass trend!

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