[PANN] 170705 Remake intension (?) interpretation of Come Back Home music video

"BTS didn't appear in the mv but it felt like BTS was present"

Until now BTS has delivered their countless thoughts on school and youth to the people of similar age

They didn't just express through music

They similarly expressed their thoughts through video media called music video

Considering these things, the similarities in Come Back Home music video and BTS's previous music videos are very interesting

The mountain road where all members except Taehyung and Seokjin ran in the HYYH prologue

The classroom we saw during the concert VCR or Boy in Luv mv

The barbed-wire fence that was placed around the members in Young Forever or I Need U

the pills which were taken by Hoseok

the after school society room that appeared during the concert VCR

The underground passage where the members ran together in I NEED U

Images from run music video

this isn't the accurate screenshot but tattoo

and the graffiti

besides the above things, the image on fire and the lead actor's outfit

The dancing woman and that space seemed to express as if she's craving for freedom as she's suppressed by something

This was similar to Jimin dancing in LIE and the space he was in 

The more you look into the music video, you will find more similarities

BTS didn't appear in the MV but you could feel their presence

The musical world of Seo Taeji-nim and BTS's world linked very closely
They boldly send comfort and strength to the youths
As if they were trying to imply all the music videos of BTS released until now,
through the Come Back Home mv, Seo Taeji-nim again- I mean as always, he comforted the youths and the students

He seems to be telling us
I hope that this song we're delivering to you guys could act as refuge where you can come back to in this rough world

+)) let me add something to make things more interesting

The actors who appear in the music video all look different and they're either male or female but they all represent BTS

The man who got beaten up by the group vomited blood and the main body(Seokjin)/lead actor vomits blood too. This showed us that they're connected and that we're all the same youths who are wandering in this generation

BTS, and people who we don't even know experience pain and this difficult phase will be tough for all of us

But I think BTS who can talk to people of similar age through their music presented us with a small house where we can go back to after wandering around

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1. heol it feels like this is some sort of connecting links +3 -0

2. wow ㅠㅠㅠ seriously, Eppi you are a genius +2 -0

3. heol are you the director of this mv? the interpretation is daebak~ I think this is correct too

4. heol you're really good at interpreting... (shivers) 

5. wow so BTS is basically youth 

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