[PANN] 170714 ??? Is this true??

He's called the "shoulder gangster" who has broad shoulders which look great in knit. With his perfectly sculptured face like the male lead character from manhwa/manga, he is in charge of the visual in his group. He participated in the KBS drama <Hwarang> OST, "Even if I die, it's you" with V and he also gained popularity with his reliableness and strong sense of responsibility during his appearance in SBS <Law of the Jungle>

What makes you become his fan? His gentle and soft gestures and Jin is a chatterbox who loves to talk like an aunt and this personality has the power that makes his fans approach him more comfortably. Unlike his calm personality, he makes people smile with his jump personality even to little surprises and stirs up the protective instinct inside you.

You might not know about this  Jin's beauty comes from his handsome father who is a well-known CEO.


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Response +58 -4

1. he's really like some fictional character ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ +37 -0

2. I thought Seokjin's from a rich family when I heard he took Jungkook for a meal at a hotel during their trainee says... ceo... (shivers) +34 -0

3. Didn't he say he would only use Samsung phones because his father works with Samsung?? although he uses iPhone ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ +33 -1

4. wow... what's not perfect about Seokjin +14 -0

5. we don't know if this is true but I think I read somewhere that his parents don't like their private information being exposed...! +13 -0

6. the fact he went to Konkuk University tells us that his family is quite rich... +12 -0

7. but if we just look at Seokjin's house... it's a two story house, even his room and the house just looks big +9 -0

8.  Is this why his parents don't like their private information being exposed...? I think only Seokjin didn't reveal his elementary and middle school names ㅠㅜ or is it even his high school? +8 -0

9. I knew it. I could see glamor in his face +7 -0

10.  but I somewhat thought Seokjin would be from a rich family. This is a photo he posted in 2014 I think? and you can see that it's a nice house +3 -0

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