[Project] The 3rd Letters to K-ARMYs!

Hello! :D

I translated our very first 10 letters/messages left by International ARMYs to KARMYs in October 2016. The 10 letters/messages were chosen by you guys (upvoting the best comments)! And our second letters were delivered in January! 

I will translate the top 10 comments again and the voting/commenting will end on Thursday(11:59PM KST) 

The translated letters will be posted on PANN (BTS Fantalk) and Instiz (BTS board) for the KARMYs! I will share the links when I make the posts and translate the comments left by KARMYs here! 

You can check the previous posts here

(Our first letter post was No.1)

(Our second letter post was No.6)

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