[Article] 170808 "BTS, the Asian musician loved by the Americans"

The international popularity of the trending group "BTS" is rising day by day.

According to their company Bighit Entertainment on the 8th, BTS was the only Asian singer to be included in the "What Music Do Americans Love the Most? 50 Detailed Fan Maps" published by the US New York Times on the 7th.

They released detailed US fan maps and the ranking from No. 1 to No. 50 and BTS recorded No. 44.

New York Times reported, "One of K-pop’s most famous boy bands, BTS is especially popular in Hawaii and parts of California, along with a curious pocket of fandom in northern Wisconsin."

US hip hop singer Future ranked No. 1, Rihanna at No. 2 with Lady GaGa at No. 45 and Metallica at No. 50 in this investigation.

New York Times explained, "Of the artists on the Billboard Top 100 this spring, we looked at the 50 that were most watched on YouTube in the United States between January 2016 and April 2017. Each map shows relative popularity in different parts of the country".

Meanwhile, BTS was also included in the "25 Most Influential People on the Internet in 2017" selected by the US newsmagazine Times. They were the only Korean singer n the list and the group has been receiving constant attention from overseas.

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1. oh this is really amazing! I'm always surprised. I'm very looking forward to the future of BTS +390 -5

2. BTS is really popular in other countries. When you say you're Korean in other countries, they'd ask you if you know BTS. There are some foreign people who would just cry when you talk about BTS to them. This makes me so proud +374 -4

3. Set everything on fire~~~ I hope these great fiery news cheer and encourage BTS and not pressure them +349 -1

4. they're the only Koreans! I'm so proud of you. I'm happy every day because I'm ARMY  +327 -2

5. Please promote a lot in Korea too!! ㅠㅠ +282 -3

6. BTS is a really nice group ㅜㅜ They're too good for me to just like them all by myself ㅜㅜ I hope people around me would like them too. They're really one of those great, hard to find groups ㅜㅜ +87 -0

7. I'm proud. My singer is kaepjjang~!! +79 -0

8. wow this is really amazing... they're really a good that can only do well.. their effort, talent, personality, visual, charms... they don't lack in any element. this is a group that makes me wonder if I'd be able to see another group like them in my life +77 -0

9. BTS pride. When I watch Youtube, I noticed that people in the US watch more than Koreans! ^^ +74 -0

10. This was until April... it would be even more amazing if you count the views after Billboard~ ^-^ +70 -0

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