[MISC] 170817 Love Yourself theory - The girls in the video could be the mothers of the members?

I think there are many fans who were shocked in many ways after watching the video they posted yesterday.
Even I thought it was like the common love story we all know after watching the video yesterday and my heart did crumble a little but this could be a possible theory of this video
When Seokjin picked up the diary dropped by a girl, the boys leaped back in time and some say they think that each member has gone back in time and met their mother.
Apparently, the effect of the train passing behind as soon as Seokjin opened the diary he picks up is commonly used in Japanese animes. 
Even in the "Love Yourself" poster, only in both Seokjin's posters we see "If I can go back in time~" caption and some say this is where we might want to pay more attention.

If we look at the individual stories of the 6 members besides Seokjin-

1) Jungkook: To stop the car accident of Jungkook,  already hinted during HYYH his mother stops him as he thoughtlessly pushes his wheelchair.

2) Yoongi: His mother takes away his lighter to stop him from burning himself to death in HYYH

-> In the concept mentioned in WINGS concept book, Yoongi inherited artistic talents from his mother and even in this video we see the girl who appears with Yoongi playing the guitar. They say this gives higher chance that she is Yoongi's mother.

3) Namjoon: Namjoon is a part timer at a petrol station during HYYH and even Namjoon's mother is also a part timer who gives out leaflets. Her poverty is passed down to him. Namjoon tries to help his poor mother.

4) Taehyung: In HYYH, Taehyung's family background isn't good and his mother didn't appear even when his family did so we assume she has left the family. Taehyung's mother was a juvenile delinquent and Taehyung who has traveled to the past tries to cover up his mother's theft.

-> Many assume the caption in Taehyung's solo poster: "Would you not have left me? If I had made a different choice?" could be about his mother. Instead of reporting her theft, he pays for her and some say his action seemed natural because the girl could be his family member, like his mother or younger sister.

5) Hoseok & Jimin: Hoseok's mother abandons him due to her second marriage. And this is how the story divides.

Firstly, Hoseok is adopted and Jimin might be the son of Hoseok's step parents. Jimin's mother notices Hoseok's lack of affection and pays more attention to him which resulted in Jimin suffering from lack of affection. -> Some say Hoseok was wished for his birthday when it really wasn't his birthday since some consider the day of their adoption as their birthday.

Secondly, Jimin and Hoseok could be brothers with the same mother. Hoseok's mother could have had Jimin after abandoning Hoseok. Hoseok and Jimin's mother misses Hoseok after abandoning him and Jimin who realizes this suffers from the lack of affection.

Thirdly, Hoseok and Jimin could be children abandoned by their parents but as for Hoseok, he remembers his mother's face but Jimin was abandoned without remembering her face.

-> These could be the possible connections between Hoseok and Jimin's mother so unlike other members, some assume they appear with the girl directly or 2:1.

Also, if you look at the WINGS Concept book photo


Sometimes I wonder why mom left me
maybe... I might never know
However, I'm sure about one thing
I know that mom would have been more perfect without me

There's a part like this in the book and some say this connects with the caption in Hoseok's solo poster, "I'm fine as long as you shine". And the plane that's taking off at the top of the poster could be a metaphor to express his mother leaving him.

After Jimin and Hoseok's scene, they show us the scene of Hoseok's mother leaving him all of a sudden. They say this strengthens the possibility of this video being a story related to their mother and not just a simple love story.

Also, we saw the scene of Jimin going under the water inside the tub in HYYH and some suggest that this water might symbolize amniotic fluid, expressing his longing for his mother's embrace and also the lack of affection.

Some assume that the caption in Jimin's solo poster "I lied, because there is no reason to love someone like me" might be related to his lack of affection from his mother.

This way, "Love Yourself" could be a story about BTS members meeting their mothers by traveling back in time, delivering their message to their mothers or the messages their mothers deliver to them and the inner growth through meeting with their mother.

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