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13 June YEAR 22

After returning from that sea, we were all alone.

We did not keep in touch as if we had planned not to. We merely assumed our existence by the graffiti left on the street, the brightly lit petrol station, and the piano sound from the old building. This was when the afterimage of that night came alive like vision. Taehyung's eyes looked as if they breathe fire, the way their eyes watched me as if they had heard something unbelievable, Namjoon's hand that tried to stop Taehyung, and I who couldn't suppress and threw a punch at Taehyung.

Failing to find Taehyung who ran out, I returned to the dorm near the beach and no one was there. Only broken glass cup, blood stains which began to dry up, cookie crumbs brought me back to what had happened a few hours ago. There was a photo lying in the midst of this. In the photo, we stood together smiling while we posed with the sea as our background.

Even today, I just walked past the front of the petrol station. The day when we meet again will come. Someday we will smile together just like the photo. The day when I have the courage to face myself entirely will come. However, right now, this very moment is not the right time. Even today, the damp wind blows like that day. And the next moment, the mobile phone rang like a warning. The photos I hung on the room mirror began to shake. I see Hoseok's name on the screen.

"Hyung, Jungkook had a car accident that night."

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