[Article] 170904 BTS "Love Yourself" reached 1,050,000 pre-orders... the trend group's performance

Group BTS's mini album "Love Yourself- 承 'Her'" reached 1,050,000 in pre-order sales.

According to Loen Entertainment who is the distributor of BTS's new album, "Love Yourself - 承 'Her'" had recorded 1,051,546 copies in pre-order from the 25th to 31st.

This number only represents the orders received by music wholesale dealers and retailers in Korea so we expect to see a greater increase in numbers if the overseas pre-order volume is added.

That is not all, this figure represents an increase of 350,000 copies compared to BTS's album "WINGS Extension- You Never Walk Alone" released last February which received love from all around the world and recording 700,000 copies in pre-sale.

Love Yourself- Her, scheduled to release this 18th is the first album of BTS's new series "Love Yourself" after their school, HYYH, and WINGS. The album captures the freshness of youths who are in love.

BTS has begun their official comeback countdown on the 4th by revealing the 24-hour timer and the new BI door opening slowly.

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1. They sold 1,050,000 copies of album that only has Korean(songs).... (shivers) I knew they would exceed 1 million... (shivers) Super Star Boy Scouts, you guys are amazing for real ㅋㅋ I mean this is only the pre-order... ㅎ +94 -0

2. Is this real? Did they just surpass 1 million in pre-order? +87 -0

3. heol daebak +75 -0

4. And this is only the pre-orders received inside Korea excluding the overseas orders??? so the number will increase??? +69 -0

5. indeed, I knew they would set a new record in pre-order ㅋㅋ +21 -0

6. If they add up the Amazon orders... heol!! +20 -0

7. 1,050,000 copies without the overseas orders??? isn't this insane??? (shivers) BTS ㅠㅜㅜㅜㅜ +19 -0

8. daebak ㅋㅋ I can't believe they hit 1,050,000 copies in pre-order!! +17 -0

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