[Article] 170917 BTS is No. 1, lines up the chart...records 1,120,000 copes in pre-order

Group BTS took the first place on Korean music charts.

BTS released all tracks included in the mini-album "Love Yourself 承 ‘Her'" at 6pm on 18th. Title track "DNA" topped the Korean major music charts' real-time chart on the 19th, including Melon and Naver music. 

They made a splendid beginning of their comeback by lining up the top 10 spots with their 8 new tracks from their album including "Best of Me", "Dimples", "MIC Drop", "Go rather than worrying". The previous title tracks like "Spring Day" and "Blood Sweat Tears" also climbed to the upper ranks.

BTS's mini album "LOVE YOURSELF 承 ‘Her’" captures the freshness of youths who have fallen in love and on the 18th the album recorded the highest number of pre-orders, surpassing 1,120,000 copies in total.

Meanwhile, BTS will reveal their first performance of their new album on Mnet "Comeback Show - BTS DNA" which will be broadcasted internationally on the 21st.

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1. The music video has 15 million views already. This is amazing. I like this group because you can see how hard working they are! +665 -3

2. I'm singing DNA while tapping my wrist ㅋㅋ the song is daebak  +554 -3

3. Every song sounds classy they're great. Please don't complain too much about their songs lining up on the chart... ㅎㅎ because fans wish to make their group top the chart to celebrate their comeback ㅎ I especially like pied piper. It's like a song that's recruiting the listeners to join the fandom ㅋㅋ +516 -4

4. It's really cool how they always try out something new and lead not like the usual songs by the existing idols +494 -4

5. They're receiving so much attention in other countries. Please write about those too. They're insane on Youtube too. The song's great. Let's fly higher with ARMYs♡♡♡ +457 -3

6. The music video recorded 10 million views in just 8 hours and 4 minutes and surpassed 15 million views in 13 hours and 7 mins +100 -1

7. This is the fastest music video to reach 10 million views, in just 8 hours +89 -0

8. seriously the song and the music are both amazing ^^ pied piper, this song~ my ears are opening automatically ^^ +75 -0

9. I'm waiting for the album~ +62 -0

10. As expected, they are my singers who I want to shout for the world to hear and boast about them!!! I love the new song so much ㅠㅠ the whistle keeps playing in my ears and it's so addictive... I think the music video was really made with plans to kill ARMYs... my heart continues to contract by itself the entire time I watch the video ㅠㅠㅠㅠ seriously this is your world~ ARMYs have your back so please continue to walk forward without stopping~~ ^^ +57 -2

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