[Article] 170926 BTS ranks No. 2 on Japan Oricon Chart with Korean Album... BTS craze

The craze of group BTS's new album is also strong in Japan.

According to Japan Oricon Chart, BTS's Korean mini album LOVE YOURSELF 承 'Her' ranked No. 2 on Oricon Daily Album Chart.

LOVE YOURSELF 承 'Her' is Korean album and not a Japanese album. BTS did not have any special promotion in Japan but the group achieved this record, making us realize their explosive popularity.

Previously, LOVE YOURSELF 承 'Her'also ranked No. 1 on Japan iTunes Album chart after it was released on iTunes on the 18th.

BTS's LOVE YOURSELF 承 'Her'is their new series following their school, HYYH, and Wings. The album consists 11 tracks in total including the title track "DNA", and other side tracks like "Best of Me", "Go Go" and hidden tracks.

US music media Billboard revealed that on the 26th, BTS is the first KPOP singer to enter the Top 10 on Billboard 200 chart and they have also entered the Hot 100 chart at No.85 with "DNA"

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1. Omg today is the lucky day for ARMYs around the world ㅋㅋ I'm ARMY who supports this group ahahahahaha <- that kind of feeling ㅋㅋ +899 -3

2. The world is going crazy~ BTS pride boom boom!! +757 -3

3. I'm proud of record boy scouts +687 -1

4. This is seriously insane ㅠㅠㅠ +606 -2

5. Daebak!! +559 -1

6. This is BTS Style and scale +133 -1

7. aigoo.... I'm losing count of how many things I should congratulate them for... No. 7 on Billboard Hot 200, entering Hot 100 and No. 2 on Japan Oricon chart!!!! +126 -0

8. They are irresistible indeed.The world is thirsty for BTS. It's more like the world is going crazy for them ㅋㅋ +128 -1

9. I'm really proud... they're not from a very big company. They're from a small company and I heard they really shed blood, sweat, and tears from trainee days. I'm so proud to see them growing bigger each year +120 -1

10. Korean album!!???? BTS, how high are you going to soar??????? You guys are going to reach the point where our hands can't even reach, just like what Rap Mon said????? +113 -1

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