[Article] 170927 BTS wins another No. 1 on Show Champ immediately with their comeback.. their "all-kill" has begun

BTS has achieved their second win.

On the 27th broadcast of MBC Show Champ, BTS won the first place with their title track "DNA" from the new album "LOVE YOURSELF HER".

BTS was not able to perform during the live broadcast so they expressed their thoughts through a video clip, "We could not attend the show due to a special schedule. We are always grateful. We will always work hard."

BTS has previously won the 1st place on SBS MTV The Show with an overall perfect score (after calculating all three scores including album/song score, expert preference, and realtime text votes and seized the first place. 

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1. They're really cool ㅜㅜ congrats on winning the first place! +2125 -58

2. Today's stage was a legend ㅠㅠ congrats on winning the 1st place BTS!! +1761 -49

3. BTS fighting. You were amazing today ㅠㅠ +1621 -48

4.Congrats on winning the 1st place, BTS! +1508 -40

5. Bangtan Bangtan Bangbangtan! Congrats! +297 -5

6. Congrats on winning No. 1 with DNA! Let's go for an all-kill +277 -4

7. they were f*cking cool ㅜㅜ I watched the show when it aired. Congrats to BTS +267 -4

8. They looked so good today. The camera was amazing too! thank you for your hard work everyone and congrats on No. 1! +259 -4

9.Today was BTS's 25th No.1. Congrats +236 -3

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