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15 August Year 22

The moment when I made a sudden stop was when I drove away from the intersection and began to drive faster. The car behind me honked in annoyance and passed me, and it felt like someone even cursed at me  but I could not hear well due to the city noise. I saw a small flower shop in the right alley corner. I did not make a sudden stop because I had seen the flower shop. It rather felt like I had seen the flower shop after making a sudden stop.

I did not have any high expectation until the owner who organized documents at the corner of the flower shop being repaired inside approached me. I had visited a couple of flower shops but none of those florists even knew the existence of this flower. They showed me flowers that looked similar in color. However, I was not looking for something similar. At least the flower had to be real. The shop owner stared my face after hearing the name of the flower. The owner then said the flower shop has not opened officially but said they could deliver and asked me, "Why do you need that specific flower?".

As I steered the wheel and entered the road again, I thought. The reason why I needed this specific flower. I had only one reason. Because I wanted to make her/him happy. I wanted to see her/him happy. I wanted to be a good person.

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