[PANN] 170925 They accomplished such difficult achievement. BTS entered the Billboard Hot100 Main chart

cr. Official Billboard Twitter


BTS ranked N0. 85 on Billboard main chart Hot 100 and they made a successful entry!
The ranking they achieved yesterday was on the second largest main chart Billboard Album 200 chart (No. 7) and this is the ranking they achieved on the main chart Hot 100!
They were No. 37 on music score but after adding the radio and broadcast scores, they ranked No. 85.

Billboard counts the score from Friday for a week but since BTS made their comeback on Monday evening, this ranking reflects their "3 days" score, making it much more important.
Moreover, since Amazon delayed their album delivery due to natural disaster the album sales from Amazon was unfortunately not counted.

This is even more surprising because they achieved this ranking without any overseas schedules or promotions.

This is not an English song recorded by a Korean singer. 
I'm very proud due to the fact that a Korean song ranked in the world's biggest music chart. (Gangnam style and DNA are the only Korean songs which have entered the chart)

It's hard to understand since this is a really big chart but you would get a better understanding if you think it this way-
"Song in language that we're not familiar to, like Turkish or Spanish ranking among the Top 100 Korean main music chart without any local promotion"

* Their new song DNA debuted in all of the main charts in 3 countries
(No. 85 on US Billboard Hot 100, No. 14 on UK Album chart, No. 2 on Japan Oricon Chart)
They are the first Korean singer to enter the UK chart.

U.S Embassy Seoul
Congratulations! BTS is the first Kpop singer to enter the US music Billboard 200 chart "Top 10", and Billboard reported that they successfully entered the Hot 100 chart for the first time.

Official US Embassy Seoul

2013 March 20th

And 2017 September 26th

ARMYs around the world (name of BTS's fandom) works hard because they wish more people would listen to their music solely without any prejudice.


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Response +1451 -78

1. They only counted their 3-day score and they ranked No. 85. Also, they were No. 37 in music score but they ranked No. 85 after adding how many times the song was played on the radio or broadcasts + no. of times they appeared on shows. Without any promotion in the US, PSY and BTS are the only singers to enter the Hot 100 with Korean songs... +340 -6
ㄴI can't remember when but I remember watching the boys dancing during PSY-nim's Gangnam style stage ㅋㅋ I guess the boys would have dreamt of entering the Billboard like Psy senior back then but it really became a reality ㅋㅋ Even I'm surprised as a fan so I can't imagine how unreal this is for the boys! Congrats BTS! +35 -0
ㄴI think I'm more touched because I have clearly seen them going up slowly a step at a time with my two eyes. Let's continue to steadily go up a step just like now.. a step at a time... +29 -0
ㄴ Even this achievement is very like BTS. They didn't just become famous overnight. They rose steadily. Let's climb up higher next time. +36 -0
ㄴ oh I agree with the previous comment. This is a very BTS-like achievement. I know that they will record higher ranking next time. It's f*cking cool to see them breaking their own record. +17 -0
ㄴUS singers are closely linked with the radio companies so they play their songs all day. It's really hard to get through US radios and it's especially harder since BTS is a Korean singer. But they do play their songs in the US radio and it's f*cking surprising +32 -0
ㄴThey boys don't wish for luck and it's the same for us too. It's thrilling to watch them prove themselves slowly like this +32 -0

2. When this was announced, Rap Monster tweeted and thanked ARMYs for their effort and how he's happy about the news and this was a little past 3am but he was at his studio... the members each have their own studio where they work on their music and he was working at his studio even at 3am ㅠㅠ almost all songs are written and composed by the members so I think the members would be way happier since they're achieving all these with music they've created ㅠㅠ (he wrote aRMy because "RM=ARMY", he writes it this way to express that RM is a part of ARMY... ㅜㅜ + 337 -10

3. ah I really can't believe this. I feel like we're rewarded for all the bashing and difficult moments the boys had to go through until now ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ I'm so happy today ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ please continue to present us with good songs ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ +333 -4
You and I, we will win in the end. We will win so naturally making sure no one see us coming

4. I read that BTS has entered music charts of the three countries ㅋㅋㅋㅋ +148 -0

5. KPOP(X) BTS POP(O) + 148 -2
ㄴ I agree. I hate seeing journalists go "BTS, the singer raised by Korea~". BTS was raised by their parents. It wasn't so long ago when you guys ignored and called them nugus +6 -0

6.Hey don't underestimate Hot 100. That's a really amazing achievement. This needs more spotlight from the medias. Don't say this is a media play because this is an achievement that's worth all the praise +142 -0

7. When the fans were happy to see BTS enter the Hot 200 for the first time, there were so many people who bashed and said Hot 200 isn't a chart and they should enter Hot 100 since that's the real one but BTS seriously achieves everything the antis say. The more they bash, the more splendid their career becomes. It's not "Don't bash us, we're sad and hurt when you guys bash us ㅠㅠ", instead they stay quiet and work harder and make steady achievements. I think this is really amazing. We should add Hot 100 chart entry to their record list +125 -0

8. when you guys go, "do you think they could win the Billboard award?" --> they really do win it... ㅋㅋ when you guys go, "do you think they could enter the Hot 200?" --> successfully enters the Billboard 200... "there's no way you can enter the Hot 100 ㅋㅋ" --> they successfully enter with the score collected during only 3 days. Stop bashing, antis. I feel bad for you~ +114 -0

9. I heard that BTS achieves everything their haters say... ㅋㅋ +103 -0

10. now I think the haters would bash BTS saying they should try winning the 1st place and say things like they didn't even win the 1st place ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ and when that phase ends, they'd be like "I'm so tired of Billboard. If you think overseas achievements are so amazing, you should become a foreign singer and perform overseas"ㅋㅋㅋㅋ and when that ends, they would be like "you're a Korean singer but Koreans don't know you. you are nugus. All Koreans should know you if you are a Korean and you should have at least a few Daesangs" ㅋㅋㅋㅋ I really traveled time and saw the future  +99 -0

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