[Article] 171002 [Music TalkTalk] BTS's path, the path walked by no one

"The album that is going to be a turning point"

Boy group BTS is paving the road that has been never walked by anyone else. This is an achievement accomplished by a group in their 5th year since debut. In fact, the surprising point is that it is still an ongoing progress and we can't make a guess the end of their journey.

BTS released their new mini album "Love Yourself" and they had told us that this is going to be the group's turning point. Just like their words, BTS is endlessly accomplishing achievements which "come true as they wish" or "they have the ability to achieve everything".

BTS is the starter of that has paved this first path in Korea. They already hinted us with the record they achieved in just 24 hours since their comeback at 6PM on the 18th. The title track "DNA" music video surpassed 20 million views in just 20 hours and 48 minutes (on the 19th around 14:48), setting the fastest record among Korean singers and this album ranked No. 1 on the 73 countries' "Top Album Chart" (iTunes), setting the greatest record among Korean singers.

In less than 6 months since the group revealed their wish to enter the US Billboard's main "Hot 100" chart as their next goal, BTS achieved their other wish. "DNA" ranked No. 85 on "Hot 100" and their new album "Love Yourself" entered No. 7 on "Hot 200". BTS is the first Korean singer to enter the "Hot 100" and "Hot 200" chart simultaneously.

In order for the song to enter the Hot 100, the song has to receive high no. of album sales, streaming and downloads, radio plays and etc. They are the second Korean singer after PSY's "Gangnam Style" (2012) and they're the first among KPOP boy groups.

Furthermore, they're receiving great responses from the US as well. They have entered the UK Official Album chart at No. 14 and Single Chart at No. 90, breaking and renewing their own record. That's not all, they have also set the best record as a Korean singer.

The group has revealed that they wish to become a group that sets records in the KPOP history as their next goal. The group is already fulfilling this wish.

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1. They're already amazing for the records they've set so far. I will be happy enough if they continue to present us with great music but I also hope they can grow more so more people will listen to their sons +1294 -20

2. I took the path people told me not to take
I did things I was told not to do
I wanted things I shouldn't have wanted
And I was wounded and wounded again
You can call me stupid
Then I'll just laugh it off
I don't want to succeed by doing something I don't like
I trust in myself
word +1177 - 18

3. BTS is really cool and amazing +960 -16

4. You guys have soared already so let's hit the world's peak! +834 -13

5. Super Star BTS, you guys always open the new path +823 -14

6. But honestly, as a fan, don't you ever feel motivated by them to work hard in your life....? I really respect them as a person and that makes me live and work hard for my life... everyone knows that the records they've set so far are amazing enough so I hope they don't cling on "setting new records" and just continue making the songs they want and be happy. I will always support you. Fighting to all of us! +165 -2

7. BTS is indeed the group that opened the path for idol groups to enter the Billboard chart more easily and BTS is also the group to let the world know more about KPOP with their records in other countries  +154 -3

8. BTS, you guys just have to continue doing what you guys have been doing so far. ARMYs will always believe in you and walk along with you. I'm just happy by the fact that we get to stay together through this entire journey +131 - 2

9. Think about the amount of tears they would have shed to pave that new road... but they still continued to only say words that will comfort the fans and they're the singers who tell us we should love ourselves.... I want to become a better and nicer person since I've stanned BTS. I support and love the music they make and their values. Thank you always +130 -2

10. The really cool 7 youths! +130 -2

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