[Article] 171013 BTS achieves 1.2 million copies in sales with an album in 16 years... a great KPOP history

Group BTS sold more than 1.2 million copies of "Love Yourself- Her", setting a great new record in the KPOP history.

According to the 2017 September Album chart released by the official Korea music chart Gaon Chart on the 13th, BTS's Love Yourself recorded 1,203,533 copies in sales in just 13 days after the release on September 18th and won the first place on Weekly Album chart.

This is the highest record in Gaon Chart history and ever since god's 4th album (1,441,209 copies according to Korea Music Industry Association) released in 2001 November, this is the first 1.2 million sales in 16 years.

Previously, BTS's Love Yourself surpassed 1.1 million in pre-order and achieved 760,000 copies in the first week sales (Hanteo chart). 

BTS is the first Korean singer to achieve new records every day in music charts around the world and they set another important record in the KPOP history with their 1.2 million sales.

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1. 1,203,533 copies in sales in just 13 days after the release? is this real? daebak~~ +1270 -11

2. wow~ congrats~~ +966 -8

3. they're really amazing... +936 -6

4. ah they're really cool ㅠㅠ I love you great record boy scouts +898 -6

5. BTS congrats! Let's soar higher +849 -6

6. This is the first singer since Kim Gunmo... and they didn't even include the overseas sales in the first-week sales volume... because Amazon's shipping got delayed +209 -2

7. In 16 years?? is this real?? that means even the bigger companies couldn't achieve this, right? daebakkkk~~~~ our BTS is amazing and cool~ in 16 years.. this is daebak~ I thought this was something already achieved by the bigger companies... ah~~ I will motivate myself to vote more with this power! +197 - 2

8. I'm hearing good news and records continuously. Please join us and vote for them so they can achieve good results at the end of the year awards! They have to be No. 1 in order to be nominated but they're currently at No.2. mwave.interest.me/en/mobileweb/mmusicchart/result
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9. ♡ Million seller with just one album ♡ +185 -2

10. I love bts +157 -1

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