[Article] 171121 [SBSTalk] The five history left by BTS's stage at the "2017 AMAs"

On November 19th (local time), BTS performed at the "2017 American Music Awards" held at Microsoft Theatre in California, LA.

"AMAs" is a traditionally the place that draws great attention to both the winners and the artists who perform at the event that represents the US pop music industry. BTS set a new record once again on this special stage. This history isn't only a history for BTS since this will be recorded in the pop history as well.

# The only boy group

BTS is the only boy group that went on this year's "AMAs" stage. In the past few years, there hasn't been a boy group superstar in the pop music industry. BTS's stage reminded the musical attraction and excitement of stage performance of boyband to the viewers. The special charm of boyband that is created by the perfect group choreography and the beautiful vocal harmonies of the members was perfectly displayed by BTS. The solo performances by Nick Jonas of Jonas Brothers, Niall Horan of One Direction were followed by BTS's stage and this was the moment that declared who is the next generation boyband.

# The only non-English song

Strictly speaking, "AMAs" is a US pop music awards ceremony. Singers who perform in the US with songs written in English and speak English as their native language are invited to the event to perform on stage. Among this year's "AMAs" performers, Swedish DJ Alesso is the only Non-English speaking performer along with BTS. However, even Alesso performed on stage with Hailee Steinfeld, Florida George Line and other US musicians with English songs. This shows that US music market has a thick language barrier so the fact that BTS performed at the "AMAs" with a Korean song is special. And it's not common to see US fans singing along to Korean songs.

# The only Asian singer

It's not common to see Korean singer, let alone an Asian singer to perform at the "AMAs". The rock and country genre are strictly dominated by the whites with R&B and Hip Hop dominated by the black Americans in the US pop market. Even the Latin American singers who are geographically closer to the US only began to stand on the "AMAs" stage recently. The fact that BTS received equal treatment like the other American world-class pop stars and had the chance to perform at the event is a historical incident throughout the pop music history. The future performance of Asian singers after BTS's performance is something we can look forward to and it looks like we will soon see Asian singers entering the US pop culture industry. BTS isn't only breaking the language barrier in music. They're also breaking down the racial barriers.

# The only debut stage

"AMAs" stage was BTS's US TV debut stage. "AMAs" invites musicians who have proven their live and music performances among the singers who promoted actively during that year in the US. From Christina Aguilera's tribute stage for Whitney Houston to Diana Ross who received the Lifetime Achievement Award and performed the ending stage of the event- these are top stars who have proven their talents by performing tens and hundreds of concerts and stages on TV in America. Nevertheless, the fact that "AMAs" suggested this exceptional stage to BTS this year is a proof that tells us the US pop music industry wholeheartedly trusts BTS's talent and growth possibility.

# Passionate audiences

Singers who performed at this year's "AMAs" all focused to present splendid and spectacular stages. Singers like Selena Gomez who presented a musical like stage, Lady GaGa who invited the "AMAs" team to her own concert hall, Portugal. The Man who mobilized big band, and Pink who performed while climbing up the side of the building all presented elaborate performances. These stages made our jaws drop but it was BTS's stage that really got everyone enjoy the music and performance per se. During the actual broadcast, "AMAs" cameras busily captured the audience enthusiastically cheering while watching BTS's stage. This was the moment that showed us BTS's existence in the US pop music market.

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5. They're so cool no matter how many times I see them. Let's only walk on flower path~ +1501 -13

6. ㅎㅎ and they didn't even go to the after party but the members did a V App live instead and thanked the fans. They're so polite and humble. I fell in love again yesterday... I really respect my singer who doesn't change no matter how famous they get~~~♥♥♥♥ +313 -5

7. No words were needed~ I thought BTS was on a Korean music show the entire time I was watching the live broadcast ㅎㅎ seriously I got goosebumps when I saw international fans singing in Korean!! +281 -5

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9. I watched with my eyes, heard with my ears and felt with my own skin... do not mistreat BTS in any way +196 -0

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