[PANN] 171115 I think BTS is a very surprising case

They have like 9? music videos with over 100 million views but they don't have any specific hit song that everyone knows... They surprise me because I think they became famous through a unique route and conceptㅋㅋ

I mean, most celebrities become famous either because of the character they played in a movie/drama or because of their songs, right? ㅋㅋㅋㅋ but I feel like BTS didn't just become famous because of their songs but they've grown big as singers? ㅋㅋ Seriously they have a large fandom and they're popularity is insane but I think they've going through a difference path like other idols who became famous overnight... It's not even like BTS members introduced their group to the public as actors too... I think they're really surprising ㅋㅋ
This makes me feel like BTS is famous as a group instead of each member's popularity. I feel like the word "BTS" is well-known.

Even PSY's song became famous in Korea before entering the Billboards and the music video which fit the song became famous and that's how he entered the Billboard but for BTS, I think they became famous as a singer? I think their perfectly synchonizing choreography and the music videos playsynchronizingant role too.

But I don't think they'll ever have a hit song even in the future ㅋㅋ I'm not slandering them in any way because if you look at hit songs, these songs become way more famous than the actual singer so the song helps the singer to become famous but BTS is already too famous to create a song that will exceed the group's popularity ㅋㅋ seriously unless they create a super daebak song that's played in every store on the road...
Although the general public feels like BTS has no hit song, I think "Blood Sweat & Tears" is considered a famous song. "Ppi ttam nunmool~" is a famous line, right? ㅋㅋ

It's obviously nicer to have a song that immediately comes to general public's mind when they think of a particular group but.. honestly I think this is something BTS should work on during their career because Koreans like to remember groups with an impactful memory... I think hit drama/movie, and hit songs do play a major role since a lot of people remember a celebrity based on this ㅋㅋ
but BTS themselves aren't a national idol so I think having a large fandom is good enough ㅋㅋ they've been growing up well until now so I think they should just continue growing in other directions ㅋㅋ I just think BTS is a surprising case ㅋㅋ

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1. But I wish they continue to grow up this way. I think they will really last long as long as the members don't lose their original intentions or one of them leave the group +102 -1

2. Even I think it's a good thing they didn't become famous because of a hit song ㅠㅠ it's easy to forget about the singer too when the hit songs get old.. BTS has a solid foundation so I don't think they'll collapse easily +91 -1

3. BTS is really surprising ㅋㅋㅋ I don't think even Bighit would have imagined this to happen. Who knew they could be one of the top Korean idols? Of course, their international fandom is strong too +74 -4

4. BTS focuses on their music so they're different from the usual idol groups who appear on variety shows or dramas and make their group famous. V did appear on Hwarang but he played a minor character. All members focus on music without thinking other stuff so it's true they're not so well known to the public but I think they will continue blazing for long like wood fire. BTS is in their 5th year but I think the fact they're like a refreshing group to the public is a plus point. Most idols in their 5th year grow old because we've seen their everything but BTS feels like this is only their beginning, right? They are a growing idol and I believe they will soar higher because they are talented, attractive, hard-working, and have good personalities. +39 -0

5.Blood Sweat & Tears and Fire are still used a lot (as bgms) in various variety shows. And I personally think they don't have a hit song because they always make their comeback soon so they're breaking their previous records with the new title track. I just think this just puts their previous achievement away from the spotlight. In conclusion, they don't have a mega hit song but their title songs are all doing well and I think the fact is they will continue to climb higher this way +30 -0

6. BTS is a group I look forward to seeing how bigger they will grow because their fandom was built slowly and they're continuing to grow +26 -0

7. I hope they won't break easily because they're worked so hard to get here +21 -0

8. They're indeed not a typical case ㅋㅋ they didn't become famous because of one member's acting, variety show or a hit song. I think the group itself continued to grow steadily ㅋㅋ +18 -0 

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