[Article] 171206 Bang Sihyuk CEO donates 10 million won he received as the prize money for the "presidential citation"

Bighit Entertainment CEO Bang Sihyuk will donate the 10 million won prize money he received with his "presidential citation" at the "2017 Korea Content Awards 2017" held at COEX on the 5th.

CEO Bang Sihyuk decided to donate this 10 million won for the "LOVE MYSELF" campaign by BTS and UNICEF.

"Love Myself" is a campaign that aims to eradicate global children and adolescent violence started since the November by BTS. BTS and Bighit Entertainment have donated 5 billion won as "Love Myself" fund.

Meanwhile, CEO Bang Sihyuk received the "presidential citation" for creating group BTS who ranked No. 7 on Billboard 200, and won the "Top Social Artist" award at the 2017 BBMA, and helping the expansion of Hallyu.

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